Wow! I've received some great emails from folks all over the world now. Everyone has been very supportive and encouraging.

I'd like to use this page to say, "Thank You" to everyone who has sent in stories, ads, pictures, comments, suggestions, words of encouragement, and anything else I forgot to mention. This site is here because of you. Please keep 'em coming!

- Doug (Apache Webmaster)

Here are excerpts from some of the emails that encouraged me to create this site, and keep it going . . .

9/23/98 ". . .You keep cheering me on with these repairs, and I'll keep cheering you on about the website."

10/1/98 "A web site would be a great idea."

10/17/98 "I would like to see your web page when it is finished since we have just purchased a 73 Apache Ramada. . ."

10/27/98 "Did you get that Apache website up yet?  I saw your post in . . ."

10/29/98 "When you get the web page you mentioned up, I will be looking for info on  . . ."

11/3/98 "Please e-mail me your web site. Would love to see your manual.. . ."

11/4/98  (Apache Website goes LIVE!)

11/4/98 "Doug, thanks for making the site! . . ."

11/4/98 "Saw the website...looks good!!! . . . Love my Apache too and my story of getting involved again with pop ups is the same as yours."

11/5/98 "Great job, Doug. Woke up this morning to an Apache website. I'm jealous though because my Apache has canvas. . .Thank you for all your work."

11/5/98 ". . .Thanks again.  Loved your Apache story.  I'll have one for you after I get a little experience in the spring."

11/5/98 ". . . Keep up the great work!"

11/6/98 "This is a great web site! You gotta add it to the Popup Camper/Folding Trailer Webring. . ."

11/7/98 ". . .I think your idea for this site is a great idea and keep up the good work. If you need any help, just let us know!!! We love our Apache too!!!"

11/7/98 "Just a thought....I see lots of Apache hardsides like your own in this part of Canada. You might think about adding a map of the area north of the 49th parallel so proud Apache owners can add their choices up here.  Your site is a great beginning.  I wish you lots of visitors."

11/8/98 "What a Great Website!  We'd like to publish something about your website and your Apache memories in a future issue of Pop UP Times . . ."

11/8/98 "Love your site.  I'll get you some stuff to post later."

11/8/98 ". . .The site has me inspired.  Thanks for your e-mail the other day. Best of luck."

11/10/98 "Sounds great! I recently purchased a 1973 MESA. They are amazing inventions, and I don't know why they are not made anymore. Good Luck!"

11/12/98 "Your site has just been added to The Folding Trailer/PopUp Camper webring . . ."

11/16/98 "You and your website are magic. That guy that needs the gearbox housings lives about 10 miles or less from me.  What a wonder, this electronic communication. You are doing a great job. I love the website. Thanks for taking the time to help all of us."

11/25/98 "Good work Doug! I really like your site. It's great! . . ."

12/2/98 "This last summer I acquired the '65 Apache that my parents bought back in '66 to move our family from Florida to California.  My parents, three older sisters and me (age 4) traveled over 8000 miles in six weeks visiting every continental state.  My parents kept it and my family started using this summer.  Don't have any manuals and it needs work.  My aim is to repair or replace the canvas, gearing and update the cooking/heating apparatus.  It should last another 30 years to my children. Thanks for putting up such a great site.  I will be sending pictures of my trailer."

12/3/98 "I also have a '74 HardTop. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!  I purchased it from my brother-in-laws father.  He bought it second hand practically brand new and has maintained it very well.  I purchased it for $600.  It was our first "wheeled" camping experience and have been going strong for almost three years... if I may help in anyway with your page just let me know!!!!!!"

12/7/98 "Love your site!  I'm a Coleman man but have always wanted to know more about Apaches and have admired the ones we have camped near.  I wish there was a site for Coleman owners similar to yours.  Keep up the good work."

12/7/98 "Wow!!! What a great find.  My buddy has a (brand X) Coleman and laughed at me through my attempts to find parts, info etc. on my Apache.  Your website is a God send.  I bought mine ('75 Ramada hardside) for $700.  I have since bought the curtain tabs for new curtains, new "living hinges" for the sleeper sides and (ouch) new gears.  They were pricey at $150 each, but worth it now that I can crank it up by myself.  So far that's been my investment.  At first my vanity was working overtime and i was going to paint it forest green to match my tow vehicle.  Thank goodness I came to my senses and realized what a prize I had actually bought.  I would'nt paint it or trade it for even the newest of pop-ups.  Please let anyone know that I still have the old gears and would be happy to pass them along. Thanks again for the site, I'll visit often."

1/14/99 "My wife and I rented a pop-up to go camping in to see if this would be something we might want to invest in, in the future. Well about two years later and after a bad rain storm in a tent we decided to go looking for a used pop-up. After looking at some buttes, we were about to give up, until one afternoon my wife spotted this camper in someone's backyard. There was a sign by the road which stated, "Camper For Sale $600.00". Well that afternoon I spoke to the owner to arrange a look see. Arrangements were made to look that evening without the owner. After looking at this marvel I fell in love with this camper. That night I called the owner and purchased the Apache Royal for $400.00.
This camper is equipped with a 4 burner stove, a 3-way frig., and a furnace with blower, and all of which work fantastically. The only problem is with the lift system which failed on our third outing. Well now that winter has come upon us in Saratoga NY, I decided to get on the web to find parts and came across your web page, which has been a great help. I was able to find a place in Canada that sells a complete lift system and new gear boxes with aluminum gears ($475.00) a pair. Now my Apache is at a local RV center having the entire lift system replaced for $1,200.00 with the parts. Also because of your website I have been able to get new bed caps, two new roof sections for the bed wings, and a few other parts. Thanks. PS: When my camper is finished I'll send some photos of the gear boxes and of the camper itself."

1/20/99 "Dear Doug: I am a new owner of a 1977 Apache Ranger.  When Searching for my Apache I was looking for a 1980 Ramada, but ended up getting the 77 Ranger with a little work and renovation in mind. I too experienced frustration searching for Apache information on the Web.  I will forward you some pictures and the Apache information that I have available. Thanks!  The Web Site is GREAT!" Jason - Columbia, SC

2/7/99 "Finally, I was able to locate your web site!!!  AWESOME!!!!  You did a great job!! . . ."

2/18/99 "We are impressed! Since we purchased our 1975 Ramada, we've been searching the web for related info. for months. What a relief to find your site. Although our camper is in great condition now,  your site will help provide vital information to help us keep it that way. Thanks." Sam & Kellie, Ocala, Florida

2/21/99 "Great site.  I'll get some pictures of my 1972 Ramada to you soon."

3/13/99 " Doug, This website is great! I knew Apache was out of business, but I never thought I could get parts. Being handy, I made some, but now I see I can get some that I need. Everytime I go camping, folks always admire my Apache due to it's plastic construction, I don't know why they ever went out of business. Thanks, Sam"

3/16/99 "I just wanted to drop you a word of encouragement. I bought a 76 Ramada about ten years ago and can't wear the thing out. Have traveled across the southeast US and most of Texas without so much as a wimper from the old girl. Now that my two girls have grown up and are not into the camping scene anymore I have, at times, considered passing her on to a friend or relative. Then I put her up  in the back-yard under the guise of a good cleaning before I let her go and it starts all over again. You know , this thing is a state of mind, a  fixer of lost souls , a good friend,  forever a retreat from the every day grind. She is one of a kind , never to be duplicated . So is yours. It is nice to see that there are other fans out there , keep em rolling !!! Kelly, Louisiana (Cajun)"

3/25/99 "This is a great site.  I found it just by searching a little.  Finally got down to 'apache pop up camper' and one of questions had an answer that contained this web site.  Anyhoo - keep up the good work - as Arnold would say, "I'll be back".  I don't know what a good price for each year and model would be, but with the prices on the canvas Colemans and all the other pop ups in the paper - I think I did all right. I just bought a '75 Apache Royal - 12'  hard sided for $1500.00.  In good shape but not great.  1970's green body with a white top.  Sleeps 7 or 8, 3 way refrig (propane-battery-electric), sink with 10 gal water reservoir or hooks to outside water hose, radiant heat furnace, ceiling light, ceiling fan, 2 propane tanks, all manuals, original keys to the door and a spare that has never been used.  I think I'll buy a new one.  HA!. Already cleaned inside and ready to go.  Got a few small cracks aroung the corners that I will fix thanks to this web site and Apache Sales Corp (Elmer). This mail is to let the other buyers know an approximate price and to say thanks to you. Dave B, Colorado"

3/26/99 "We love our hard shell apache !!!!!!!!!!!  . . .  We keep looking at the new RVs available, and when we think we may go for a new one, I change my mind.  I just can't part with my hard shell !!!!"

3/30/99 "Hi, Great web site.  I thought I was the only one out there that loved their Apache!!  Ours is a 1977 Ramada 16.  I had a dickens of a time locating the s/n and I eventually was forced to strip the paint off of the tongue of the trailer hitch.  Voila the mystery number appeared on the cross beam that runs down the left side of the trailer about a foot back from the ball attachment point.  It only took me two years to find it, but then again what is two years in the life of an Apache."

4/2/99 "Doug.  A message from across the Atlantic from an Apache owner in England.  We bought our Apache in 1978 when we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. When we returned to the UK in 1980 we shipped it over with us.  I stripped out the inside of the camper to fit UK electrics.  During the 1980s, when our children were smaller, we travelled with it extensively in the UK, France and Spain.  It always generated interest . . .  p.s. your web site is great!  Bob"

4/14/99 "Just found you! Will visit often. Just recently purchased a 1973 apache hardside and was looking for parts! THANKS AGAIN!"

4/16/99 "Greetings to all! First off, I have to start my note off with a huge THANK YOU for these GREAT web pages! They were my inspiration for calling on a 1977 Apache Ramada, which I just put money down on and will go get in about 2 weeks. I loved the idea of a light tent trailer, but the "tent" part always bothered me! Who wants to hear everyone else in the campground, and have them hear your little ones crying in the middle of the night? Anyway, WOW! It looks like someone WAS smart enough to blend the 2 worlds. Once we got it set up (an amazing thing to watch unto itself!) I couldn't believe how comfortable it was inside! . . . P.S. blessings to the person who outlined how to repack wheel bearings - it'll be one of my first jobs! Thanks again for a great web page, and to all the contributors of wonderful advice. I've read it ALL and continue to check it frequently."

4/18/99 "Thank YOU Doug! I'll look forward to the "new and improved" pages (although I think the ones you have now are well done too!). I will be sure to contribute something (a story, pics, etc.) to your site. I saw a cool animation the other day, which shows a tent trailer (not an Apache) being set up. It was a kick. I'll send you the url when I find it. I've done some web pages in the past (I do UNIX support for a living) and have wanted to try my hand at animation, so maybe it'd be fun to try to build an animated Apache opening up and going together - then being taken back down again. I'll let you know if and when I try to do that, and of course, would freely share the results with you for addition to your pages. Anyway, thanks again for posting my stuff, and for the nice note. I look forward to a long relationship with our Apache and with your web site! P.S. I've surfed the web endlessly, and I must say, your site is the first one that made me feel like maybe I could do the same type of thing about some of the things I'm passionate about. I know this will sound corny, but your site has a real "positive contribution to society" feel to it. That's inspiring to me. Thanks again!"

5/4/99 "I just found your Apache web site and I wanted to send you a very brief **THANK** **YOU** !!!!! :-)"

5/7/99 "What a great site. I've thought of creating an Apache Register for years but never quite got it off the ground.. . . Impressive job on the web page design and operation: attractive, clear, good content, nice graphics. Nice."

5/8/99 "Great Site love all the info!!!!! . . ."

5/9/99 "I first want to say what a great website! I acquired a 1976 Ramada for free last year and am enjoying the information to be shared. . ."

5/12/99 "I recently purchased a 78 Ramada. I had no idea there was a "following" of people behind these campers, however, I am pleased to find such a gold mine of info. at this website. . ."

5/13/99 "Doug, Thanks for placing my ad. Your website is a godsend. I have been looking @ trailers for a long time, but didn't even know what trailer I really wanted. That part of my search is over as you have pointed out the advantages of collapsible hard side trailers- now I just need to get the trailer I know I want. Your website answers all those questions. Thanks for your valuable service."

5/14/99 "Has anyone considered forming an Apache Campers Club with a Cool Logo?"

5/18/99 "Hello; Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks for the Apache web site. I also have been searching for quite a while for anything Apache related and came up with pretty much the same web hits you got. We currently have a 1975 Apache Royal. We got it last year. We weren't even actively looking for one at the time, but happened across it. A few days prior to finding it, I was telling my wife about this type of pop up camper that I wanted to eventually get. It was built in the '70s and instead of canvas, it had plastic sides. A couple of days later we were driving down to my folks house and the wife said, " Hey, is that the kind of trailer you were talking about?" Struck a deal the next day and brought her home. They really are great campers and with resources such as your web site, I believe I can keep this rig on the camping trail for many years to come. Thanks again" Harry Klimek, Saint Charles IL

5/27/99 "I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for taking the time and expending the energy to create and maintain your website. I just (yesterday) purchased a 1973 Apache! I didn't know anything about
it, except I liked the looks and the hard sides! I just looked on the web to see if there was any information about my Apache. Your site came up and has that made a difference. I needed some information - like what model did I have, and where can I get parts! Thanks to you and Elmer I now know I own a Mesa and have ordered some much needed parts. Again ***THANK YOU****"  Pat

6/4/99 "Thanks Thanks Thanks. When I read the page of how you got to creating the site, I was right
there with you. I tried researching Apache parts and found the same black hole. Thanks again for a great site.   I have a mint 75 Ramada that I found from a neighbor moving out, for $500.00. I thought that it was a steal, so I did. I also started my camping career with my parents in an old Apache canvas camper. You are right, the smell brought back a flood of memories. Now I'm re-living it with my kids.
We took a long (5 week) trip out west last summer. We ambled along from Memphis north through the Dakotas and onto Yellowstone, then south to Arizona and back to Memphis. All back roads, no Interstates. A nice long, slow triangle. One nice thing about the hard side camper is that in Yellowstone, they won't allow canvas campers in the Fish camp campground. (Bears ?) So, we were the only popup amidst the massive land yachts. Very cool. I am also looking for a fridge and AC for my camper. Ill send a separate post so you dont have to clean this one. Thanks again for taking the time to make the site. Ill start forwarding JPEGs and data that I find relative to the Apache world." Tony

6/7/99 " . . . I really love the site, as you said it is the ONLY one about these unique campers. . ."

6/13/99 "I just bought (Today 6/13/99) an 1973 Apache Ramada, I thought I would surf and see if there was any Web sites and here you are! I spent hours reading a lot of the stories and notes on some problems. I really appreciate people like you who can organize something like this and have such a positive Web site. . . .Again thanks for the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

6/14/99 "I can barely believe my modem!! The Apache website. I am the proud owner of a 78 Ramada. My buddy has a 74. We have both been conditioned by non-Apache riff raff that information and parts on old Apaches are non-existent. Phooey on them!! I'm dancing between keystrokes as I can barely wait to tell Dave the Web address. I'm in desperate need of parts and can't wait to surf the rest of this page. I like this place already. See y'all there!"

6/18/99 "Absolutely love the site and want to tell you how great it is that someone out there took the time to try and help out all of us proud
Apache owners. . ."

6/18/99 "WOW! That is all I can say about this awesome site! . . . thanks for this site. You really made my day!"

6/21/99 ". . . Even though my inquiry didn't receive any response from readers of your website, let me say, it's a godsend. A couple of weeks ago I was ready to trash my Apache with a cracked and totally useless gearbox. Finding your website with its sources for new parts and all the excitement folks have about their Apaches has certainly changed my way of thinking about my Apache . . ."

6/21/99 ". . . Thanks so much for the time you have devoted to this. It is so wonderful when strangers help strangers."

6/23/99 "doug, thanks so much for the web site. i bought a 72 hard side about four years ago . when i got it home i raised it up all the way for the first time, i was not a real happy camper when i put up the wings and the hinges were split. i almost used piano hinges to fix it, but i thought about it and decided to wait so i used duct tape on the inside. well we finally bought this computer and that was the first thing i did was found your web site. i ordered the living hinges from ole elmer it took 5 days to get them and two days were saturday and sunday. so i am a happy camper now. oh yeah i only paid $350.00 for it. other than the hinges it was in good shape. and i got the owners manual it is in good shape too so when i get a scanner i will send it to you hopefully that wont take four years . well anyway thank you very much i will have alot of fun with my camper now because of you. take care, Joe"

6/28/99 "Thanks so much! You have great site going Doug. . ."

6/29/99 "Good Evening: Found your site by telling a friend of mine about Apache campers. He went on the web and found your site and also an Apache Cimmeron in New York for sale. I guess he is going down to look at it this week.  We own an Apache Ramada Solid State. We have had it for ten years. I purchased it from a fellow who moved up here (New England) from Texas. I paid $1700.00 at the time and it was all we could afford. It was worth every penny. We had owned a Mesa prior to the Ramada with a tent in between. So when we needed a new trailer my wife said she would like an Apache, only bigger than the Mesa. I found one within a few days on a bulletin board on the Navy base. About the only major repairs we have done is new curtains, which my wife and daughter made. We added new slip covers, replaced the rims and tires and have tried to keep up with the small top cracks that keep reopening. We currently camp with a 10 by 20 tarp which covers the top nicely and protects the inside from water. I need to rebuild the furnace. We have AC also. We can sleep 8 not counting our Newfoundland/Labrador mix dog. (134 lbs) who claims the whole floor. We have a few stories and may send them along later. \ Could I get some more information on the Northeast Roundup? How may camper owners do you expect etc.. We may try to make it out there to New York. I currently play in a bluegrass band and have to make sure we have no bookings.  I am really excited about your site. I really appreciate knowing there are still parts out there some of which I currently need. Take care. Have a good week. Best Regards, Roger "

6/30/99 ". . .Keep up the great job."

7/8/99 ". . . This site is terrific."

7/9/99 "Thanks Doug. The site is really looking good! It's been an invaluable resource! I would not have been able to fix up my camper if were not for your great site! - Dennis"

7/10/99 "Went looking for a site like this 3 years ago when we bought our 1978 ranger solidstate but nothing was avaliable, what a help it would have been as I spent numerous hours mulling over some of the same questions asked on this page. . ."

7/26/99 "Doug, Thanks for the great Apache site. I have a '76 Ramada that I bought about 2 years ago from a buddy of mine for $500.00. It needed a little work, new curtains, new floor tiles and my wife painted the inside. We love it! It's been all over Florida. I've now got some electrical problems I'm dealing with, but I got the diagram off the site and that will make it a lot easier. Thanks again. Oh, BTW, that buddy I bought it from bought a motor home. His standing offer to buy BACK my Apache is now $1500.00. NO SALE!! Good Camping, John - Apopka, FL"

7/28/99 "what a great site got so many repair ideas and really helped me find parts keep up the great i put you on "my camping home page" guy haggard wayne michigan"

8/5/99 "Just a note to let you know how helpful your Apache pages have been. My husband and I have renovated and been camping in our old family pop-up for the last two summers. The children were having a good deal of fun. We were able to track down a couple of replacement parts with the help of your web
pages. . ."

8/9/99 " . . .We told some fellow campers that we were going to get an Apache and were informed that the Apache was a "cult" camper. I am in the process of getting the camper registered in Florida and could not find the serial number. After consulting your site, I was able to peel off the paint and find the number. Our Ramada is in great shape, probably because my mother and stepfather owned it for years and took good care of it. We are looking forward to a millennium trip to the Keys where we hope we will become stranded with our refurbished Apache due to Y2K problems."

8/23/99 "Great Site! . . . I was very happy to find your specs page. . . I was very happy to find your site. Risto"

9/1/99 " . . . thanks for an informative site:)"

9/3/99 "...Thanks again so much for your help. Also for the web site - we have gotten quite a few E-mail answers that have helped a lot...."

9/3/99 "Great site! . . ."

9/5/99 ". . . Thanks for having an Apache site. . ."

9/6/99 "I was really glad to find this site. . ."

9/6/99 "Hi! I and my sons love your web site! . . ."

9/7/99 "Had been looking for a regular tent style fold down trailer and just today ran across a 1974 Apache...dont know the model for sure....will be picking it up on thursday nite....i came home all excited and started searching the net for more info...i am thrilled to find your sure i will be in touch with your Q & A section....the camper for the most part is fairly good...but it has been a little neglected for a few
years....i love to tinker and im sure we will get along fine with this beauty. well im heading back and reading more info on you site.....thanks again R D Allen.."

9/13/99 "I was so delighted to stumble across your website! . . ."

9/13/99 "Doug, thanks for the help so far...your site has been great......i have received 2 e-mails from others that have had the same is great to know there is someone out there that cares.. thanks again -Dick "

9/14/99 "Thank you!!!"

9/16/99 "Dear Webmaster, Thank You For letting me post my camper on your classified page, It did sell and your ad page was the only place I listed it. Thanks again..."

9/25/99 "I just bought A 1975 Apache Royal. Don't no much about it? But its like a new one after I got the dirt off of it . Been under a big oak a long time. I found your site and I like what I see. Keep up the good work. It was very helpful to me. Tommy ( South Carolina )"

9/29/99 "My wife is now a proud owner of an Apache - I'll write you with the details later. Thanks for the site and keep up the GREAT work!"

9/30/99 "Great site!! Keep up the great! work!..."

10/11/99 "Great site. You have convinced me that an Apache camper would be the best choice for my family. . ."

10/23/99 "Thanks for your site...this is great!"

11/2/99 "Hello! 1st off I love the site! great info! . . ."

11/4/99 ". . . love the site looking forward to apache roundup . . ."

11/6/99  "your web site is great, I found parts for my hard side (crank-up gear box) and am getting them installed over winter so I'm ready for next season. . ."

11/10/99 "... It still is a great site for those of us with Apaches. We would not have met several really nice people if it wasn't for you and the work that you put into keeping this alive. I still have the email that you sent to me announcing that you had the site up and going way back in 1998...."

12/7/99 "I noticed the other day that the Apache site was celebrating 1 year on the internet! Just wanted to drop a belated note of congratulations. Also wanted to say thanks again for keeping the site going strong. I know it is a lot of work to keep up a website and really admire your dedication... I am still looking for the perfect, giant size Apache. I'll let you know when I find it... Harry, Kathleen and Harry IV (aka River Rat Harry)"

12/7/99 "Thanks for a great website to look at. We did not realize that there was anything on the net about Apaches. We love ours. Happy Camping!"

12/29/99 "...We are glad to read about other Apaches and solving problems they may have. This site is just wonderful..."

1/1/00 "... Great website! I'm thinking seriously of buying one of these, especially after checking out all the info here."

1/11/00 "Doug, Thanks for your all the information in your web site. My husband and I bought our Apache from his mother and love it but the lift system has failed. We found your site and we'll let you know how things work out. Thanks for the manual information." Mark & Susan - Indiantown, Florida

1/15/00 "Hi  I was just surfing one day when I stumbled on your site. What a suprize! I have been camping in an Apache almost my whole life. Dad bought one new in '74 (hard side). It's been past around the whole family since. I finally found one now that I can call mine. A friend was throwing away a trailer, he asked if I was interested, I said of course. When I went to look, it was an Apache. It needed new hinges. I picked some up and WOW! I have my own Apache. I have found your site to be very helpful. I stop by often. Thank's - keep up the good work." Bob, CT.

1/16/00  "I am sitting here in my basement (shivering) waiting for another snow storm tonight to hit. I've scoured your site today and it's almost like camping season is back! An excellent site! I've forwarded my interest in the Eastern Roundup for this year, to the coordinator, but the central one might be close enough too! Keep up the good work!" Dave

2/06/00 "Hi Doug - I am the happy owner of an Apache Ramada Solid State 1979. I am the second owner. Very proud of it - it is just like new. They never even cooked inside and it was always stored during the winter in a warehouse. Before I bought it it was used only 2 weeks a year. We bought it in the spring of 98 and have used it alot since. We have 3 children and find it very comfortable. ... If you take a map of Canada we live on the north shore of the St. lawrence 500 miles from Quebec city and 8oo miles from Montreal Seven Islands we call it big iron ore area. I am very exited to read about these remarkable trailers and hope you continue the good work. I got the connection for Ont. and will be communicating with them for parts very soon. Thanks"  David

2/7/00 "...Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work. Your site has been a great help not only to me, but also to many of my friends. Thanks Again, Michael - Hattiesburg, Ms."

2/8/00 "...Thank you for your service it worked great..."

2/10/00 " I visited your Apache Camper site and was very impressed. I particularly liked your cloud background..."

2/12/00 "... I would like to say what a great site this is. It has helped me a lot..."

2/26/00 "1977 Apache Cimmaron - sold today. Thanks for allowing me to post it there. It was your web site that sold it, hopefully to a couple who will restore it right and be regulars to submit info to you. Thanks again."

2/29/00 "Doug--wanted to let you know that you could remove my ad ...found a '73 Mesa hardside just south of Detroit....needs 1 gear replaced...little patching on the panels...but otherwise in great shape! Just needs a good "bath"!. . . Special thanks to Harry "River Rat" Klimek..He has been so helpful...sent me ads when he came across Apaches for sale..Thanks Harry and thanks Doug....Thanks for "the Site"--it really has been an inspiration to me!" Jeff

3/4/00 "Hey there...SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR SITE...I have a 1969!!!!! Mesa (III?) from my Dad when we lived in Vermont...just got the camper out and raring to go! Amazingly good shape, but can't find the manual yet. On my way to the RV center to see what I can find...any words on 69's, let me know!! Thanks for your work...Loved the Site!" Donna in Florida

3/5/00 "We thought we would thank you for the information. We have a 1975 Apache "Royal" that we enjoy very much. However, until I read this web site I never knew the model name of our camper as they are missing from the sides. The sales brochures and manuals were very much welcomed." Mitchell & Alice - Greensboro, North Carolina

3/7/00 "...thanks for keeping the Apache fire (website) burning!"

3/9/00 "...Hello Doug- Wow. We've been away for awhile, and boy has your site become a treasure.
Thank you so much for your work and for your interest. We are so tickled to read the new forum and see all the pictures. We've been comparing our 73 and it is really fun. We'll get you pics soon." Rich & Laura

3/10/00 "I was given and an old RAVEN that is "mostly" there. I have not seen another Raven that sets up quite like mine. I was missing one set of slides for one bed. After much frustration in trying to reverse- engineer a rear bed swivel bracket, I called Elmer at Apache sales. I gave him my serial # and he said he would research the year for me. Like others have said, this guy is a real gem....extremely helpful. I told him about the nice things that have been said here and he wanted a copy to show his boss..."maybe they will give me a .50 an hour raise" he said. I downloaded your comments and faxed them to Elmer. Keep up the good work."  Gary - Bakersfield, CA

3/17/00 "Doug, I sold my little Raven last night. A young couple in Virginia Beach, VA spotted the ad on your site, E-mailed, then phoned me, and bought it. His parents had one when he was a kid and they loved it. He had been looking for one without much hope of finding it in decent condition, but he found a perfect one when he found mine. Thank you so very much for providing this service. We probably would have never gotten together without you. You have made everyone involved very happy: Them because they found just what they were looking for and us because someone is getting it that really wants a Raven and aren't just trying to fit a budget with a rig they know nothing about.   I'm sure it will continue to get the same loving care we gave it for over twenty years." John

3/20/00 "... thanks for this great site...."

3/23/00 "...Thanks for the website, I visit here often."

3/25/00 "Thanks to a good Apache web site and your help our '78 Ramada is sold. We are relieved it has a good home and think Dayton M.("Wanted..2-11-00) is glad to own it...."

3/30/00 "...great site growing every day almost. The info you have is really great for us apache owners. I love the new scans of the manuals, can't wait for someone to scan a 77 ramada..."

3/31/00 "Hi! Great site! I am a new owner of a 1985 Apache Ramada. I check in all the time now. The information on gear boxes helped me regrease and put mine back together..."  Jim

4/2/00 "Dear Doug, we are glad to inform you that we have sold our 77 Apache Ramada, so you can take it off your listing...we had at least a dozen calls and responses. Thank you for such a wonderful website, we truly enjoyed it, and it made our Apache experience un-beatable (my wife cried as the old green girl rolled away behind the new owners). I turned them on to your website so the tradition of the Apaches can continue. Keep up the good work!!!!"

4/4/00 "...Hey, thanks for the great web-site." Sam

4/13/00 "Well Doug, we did it!!! We sold our Apache Mesa last night. ... We found a buyer through this Web Site from Arcadia, Florida. They came up (two hour drive), met us at Roberts Motor Homes, loved the Apache, paid cash, closed it up, took all the instructions and headed out. ...  I really appreciate your help, appreciate your patience with all the changes I submitted, and the professionalism in which this Web Site is handled. Again, Thanks Doug for all your help!!!!" Larry

4/17/00 "I have bought the Apache Royal in NC that is on your website. Now you can take it off your FOR SALE page. Thanks so much for helping us find the camper of our dreams, I have two teenage daughters and they are in love with it so much they are helping me and my wife clean it and are even trying to learn how to sew new curtains to put in it. We pulled it home with our little Kia Sportage and it gave us no problems. Wife said it was a joy to pull and she has never pulled a trailer before. Looks cute together, purple truck with green trailer. Have only had to replace sink faucet. Everything else works great. THANKS AGAIN FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE FOR US!!!!!" MACON

4/18/00 "Hi, just a little note to let you know I think your Apache site is excellent. I never thought to look for a web site for our trailer, I thought it was to old and the company probably wasn't around anymore. I bought a 1967-1969 (I'm not sure what year it is) Apache trailer 6 years ago for $1000. At the time I thought it was alot of money to pay but I was tired of sleeping in a tent, but now I feel it was the best $1000 bucks I've spent in a long time. I'll be e-mailing some pictures for the website in the very near future. THANK YOU" Darryn

4/22/00 "...Thanks for posting the ad. I don't know if I could have sold it locally. You really have to find
someone who is looking for an Apache and your site helped me do just that. Thanks again." Spence

4/26/00 "...I just love your web site. I AM a proud owner of two Apache tent trailers, 69 Falcon and a 65 Eagle...once again thank you for the GREAT WEB SITE. Until I saw your web site, like my self and Apache owners, we were once lost, but now are found thank you very much. Don't forget Apache campers are twenty years ahead of new campers that are built today. Apache camper is number #1 amen."  Luke Dulcimer Kawecki

4/26/00 "Great site! We just purchased a 76 Ramada about a month ago. Can't wait to take it out. We do a lot of tent camping with our two teenagers and thought it would be nice to have a small camp trailer. Something small enough to load our camping gear in and a place for my husband and I to sleep and maybe make an early morning cup off coffee before the fire got hot. I spotted this Apache on my way home from work and told my husband when I got home. We went to look at it that night and after checking out the fridge and stove and lift mechanism, we decided we had to have it. ... After checking out your website we really think we got a pretty good deal. Keep up the good work. Your site has been extremely helpful.  Thank you" Dave and Donna - Roseburg, Oregon

5/3/00 "Hello! I was so thrilled to find your site. Recently my husband and I purchased a 1976 apache hardside popup. It was kept in a garage and had not been used for many years. It turns out it is in very good condition... We just got back from our first camping trip in it and my husband and I both LOVE it. It is incredibly comfortable..."

5/16/00 "Your website has been wonderful. We could never have gotten our "new" Ramada up and running for this camping season without this site. I visit it daily... I really like reading this site. I have purchased two gear boxes, a faucet, door knob, hinge for the sides and really want to purchase some hub caps. Keep up the good work and Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for this great site."

6/10/00 "Doug, You have a great Apache Website going. I have been looking for just such a site for a couple of years and finally found yours today. I will be generating a bit of material in the future for you to post but since it is camper season it may take a while for me to get it to you. I have a Cimarron II Apache camper which I have had for a couple of years and have fixed it up quite a bit with some new modifications and such. Anyhow I had to drop you a line to say - Great Job!"  Tim -  Mokena, IL

6/12/00 "We have just purchased a 1972 Apache Yuma and when looking through it we discovered it has the original paperwork with it in almost mint condition, including the manuals and even the warranty for the tires on it from Goodyear. If anyone needs info on this model I am sure it is in this package so they can E-mail me if they need any specs, etc. My e-mail address is The trailer is in good shape , but I guess I will get to know lots more about it as we clean it up and do the minor repairs needed. Thanks for this website. It gave me lots of what to look for when we were buying this unit." Les - Ontario, Canada

6/18/00 "Thank you for advertising my Apache for me. The trailer has found a new home with a young couple who were looking for a project just like my wife and I had. Your network is very functional and provides a great service. Thanks again" Chet

6/23/00 "Your web site is the best. My wife and I bought a used (1978) Apache trailer last year. I had to replace one of the lift gearboxes right after we got it. Now I would like to replace the wiring. Thanx to your website I have been able to find everything I need. I was able to replace the gear box because of what I found on this site, and, I was able to keep them from conning me into replacing both of the boxes. I knew of the two different types of gears that have been used. Thank you very much for the wonderful site and keep up the good work." Brian

6/27/00 "Doug, thanks to your ad service, I've got a rim and lug nuts; and we're back from another week-long vacation to the boonies of Missouri in our Apache." Dan

7/03/00 "We just bought and refurbished our trailer and are totally in love with Apache camping. This web site is a wonderful addition to our Apache adventure. Thank you." Augustine

7/04/00 "We have sold our Apache, so you can remove our ad. Thanks for the opportunity and such a great web site. We have found a buyer with the enthusiasm that we had. And he has already checked out your site, so you may be hearing from him." Sandie

7/04/00 "Thank you very much for posting my ad. I sold it to someone through your site ! Thanks again."

7/12/00 "...It's been interesting seeing the fraternity for this little camper. Folks obviously really enjoy this little thing. We have a family of four - so you can understand the need to find a way to have some
inexpensive fun. Camping is a great way to go and so we picked up a '72 for $1000 last year. I have to replace some living hinges this year to keep it in shape, but other than that, it's been a pretty good investment. I spoke with 'old Elmer this week to order the parts. What a gem!! I'm sure you probably had no idea when you started the web site what type of response you would get!!!
I work in the Information Systems field at an Automotive supplier in Detroit, and have been in the IT field for 15 years. It's a rapidly changing environment and the web has certainly enable this type of neat stuff to take place. 10 - 15 years ago, I would have been on my own to find all this stuff out. Your site really saved me loads of valuable time and made it easy for me to locate the info I've needed to make the repairs to my camper. I really enjoy the info - it's very good!!! Thanks again. Hope to chat in the future."  Paul

7/12/00 "...Thanks for your great web page. Keep up the great work"   Tiger

7/15/00 "...I really enjoy your site!..." Scoobz

7/16/00 "We've owned a '72 Apache Mesa for about 4 years now. It needed a little work when we found it, but nothing too major. This spring we did need to replace the gears, but other then that repairs have been minimal. This past weekend, we saw another hard side Apache for the first time ever. When we talked with the owner, he told us of the web site, and that's how I found you.  I grew up camping most of my life and dearly love it. Our children are having a wonderful time this summer as we have finally gotten serious ourselves. We just love our Apache, but really didn't realize what a gem it was in the camper world. We love your site, thank you so much for providing such a valuable and interesting place for Apache people to share thoughts and experiences." Bill and Sharon, Hanover, Ohio

7/21/00 "The best thing about my '75 Royal is watching other people at the camp ground suddenly stop and watch with amazement as I set it up. Never ceases to flood my heart with joy and pride when this happens, and even better, when they stop and ask about it. Love my camper. Paid a whopping $900 for it and have put about $500 into it, not to mention my sweat and care. Don't know what I would have done without the Apache Website. Thanks!!"  Lowell from South Louisiana.

7/21/00 "Hello! I'm sitting here at my computer as the bright (and rarely seen) Northwest sunshine lights up the out of doors. I was actually surfing the web, trying to find pieces to use in repairing my family's Apache or trying to find out what a new camper would cost. I don't know the year, yet, on our Apache, but I do know that it still gets lots of compliments and we get those "where-do-you-buy-those" questions. I do know that it is a pumpkin orange and white hardside and a real treasure. As a child in the 70's, I remember spending weeks every summer living in the Apache. We'd roll into a campsite, pop up the trailer (it was always a challenge to see who could last the longest cranking it up), and be ready for dinner.  It was used for many years, even for a trip from Seattle to the East Coast in '76 for the bicentennial. My favorite story has to do with the color of paint on the outside. Once, while we were camping somewhere in Canada, we encountered bears in the campground. It was too late to move the trailer, so my parents opted to stay. Being a small child, I was terrified that the bears would get us. My dad calmly told me that no bear would dare come near our trailer because our trailer had special "bear-proof" paint. I slept well knowing that no bear could come near our pumpkin orange trailer. Bet you didn't know Apache had that option, did ya?

Our little pumpkin is in need of some work now. It's gone from my parents to me (they switched to a cumbersome, heavy trailer that has to be towed by a HUGE van). The only trouble is that all those summers of camping have taken their toll. The hinges are cracked, a few pieces have broken, and there's a leak on one of the ends. I was debating with myself whether to fix it up or get something new. After reading your site and seeing the pictures, I'm convinced that we're keeping the Apache and fixing her up. I look forward to telling my girls about the special bear-proof paint and seeing them try to crank 'er up. Wish me luck!"   Michelle -   Snohomish, WA

7/22/00 "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this terrific site. I found it while searching for some information on our "brand new" Apache - Eagle Eight we just bought. We LOVE our baby and are so appreciative for this terrific web site. It is so informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed knowing that you have a Roundup 2000 and we would be very interested in going. We're from Ohio so New York or Wisconsin would be great. Thanks again!!!!!!!"  Janet

7/23/00 "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this terrific web site. We recently bought a 73 Apache Eagle Eight which is in terrific shape. We took it for our first trip to Myrtle Beach and loved every minute of it. I never realized what a special camper we purchased ($1500). We started off with a bad experience - broken link and needed chains. We got ours fixed at Richfield Trailer Sales. The owner, Mark, is fabulous!! We bought it from a individual and when it got stuck open and wouldn't close he actually drove to our house (over 45 minute drive) to help us after detailed over-the-phone instructions wouldn't get the link unstuck. He's awesome and had the parts to fix it. After only 5 days, we had our trailer back and we were on the road to adventure!! He also had the diagram for the link system and gear box so if we ever had that problem again we would have the instructions to fix ourself. Oh, by the way. We would love information on a fall Roundup. We're in Ohio and would love to come if it's not too far of a trek. Post the info or email us!! Thanks again"  Dale, Jan and kids....Ohio

7/23/00 "With your help, we finally own a 73 apache Ramada. I would never have known what to look for otherwise. We found it at a good price ($1200), in good condition, and what I need to fix (hinge), thanks to your site, I know I'll find out all I need to know. Thanks again."  David

7/24/00 "...Tom and I LOVE your websight and hope to meet many new friends has helped us find parts that we have been looking for without luck..." Crystal

8/11/00 "Last night, the Apache Chief has been purchased, only because of your site, and the very active users.  The response was quick, with about 6 responses, all but one appeared to be interested in this type, plus one that wanted a shower.  The most amazing response was from a man in Tokyo, Japan, who was the second response and became the purchaser.  The story would be better if he planned to use it in Japan, but, alas, he plans to keep in California's central valley for use when he returns to Calif. on vacation. Thanks again for your help."

8/15/00 " I stumbled upon your terrific web-site while looking for info about our new RV we bought. When my wife and I were first married and stationed in Alaska 17 years ago we bought an Apache Ramada. We used it a lot, it was an awesome trailer...I still kick myself for getting rid of it. I got a good price for it, but after looking at your site I realize how rare and nostalgic these rigs have become. Keep up the good work of keeping the great old trailers alive, they are most definitely unique!!"  Vincent

8/16/00 "thanks for such a swell site!..."

8/16/00 "...Wow.  When we first started looking, we could only find one place that dealt in Apache parts at all.  I know I've said this before, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for your website..."

8/17/00 "Dear Doug, This web page is a life saver. It's hard to believe that there is so much info available in one place. Thanks to your web page we are encouraged that we can find the parts we need. Thanks Again, Carl & Julie"

8/22/00 "...This site has been a phenomenal resource! Thanks for all your hard work in setting it up..."

8/22/00 "Great site! Keep up the good work.   Because of this site, Apache was the only name I would consider for my next camper purchase..."

8/27/00 "Doug I would like to thank for the great web site. I have just purchased our own Apache and haven't yet taken possession. Remember seeing these trailers and have always been intrigued with them. I live in Central Ontario Canada and the unit we purchased is a 1980 Apache Royal now can't wait to get camping!! Thanks again for the site" Tom

8/27/00 "...Thanks (again!) for providing this great resource..." JonR

8/27/00 "Dear Doug, Thanks so much for the Apache web page.  I stumbled on it as I was trying to help my husband find brake shoes for our 1977 Cimmaron. . . I am so excited about all the info on Apaches.  I thought we were the only ones trying to keep an old one up and running. It is especially neat for me as I grew up with Apaches.  My dad was the dealer in Memphis Tennessee." Judy

8/29/00 ". . .I am still amazed how you manage to find time to keep a website that big..."

8/29/00 "...We love your great page, Every time I come visit it, I go outside and have another look at our little Mesa.. Keep up the great work..."

8/31/00 "WOW. This past summer we put our 1977 APACHE Royal up for sale. It is in MINT condition. We had many many people come and look at it , but no takers. I had no idea how rare and valuable these trailers are. After finding this site, I am SO happy we didn't sell it.  I will cherish this trailer forever and will send you some photo's real soon. Thanks for the great site." Gail - Toronto (Ontario ( Canada )

9/03/00 "...I really enjoy looking at the Apache museum and I am glad someone out there is making Apache owners happy!"  Sincerely from Missouri, Kimberly


9/17/00 "Doug, I bought a Cimarron 1978 or 79, I was enjoying it until the gear boxes went out.  That is when  I started looking and found this site. It. would probably be in the junk yard by now if not for your site, I found a gold mine of information and help here. Thanks" Reggie from NC

9/17/00 "Just bought a 1973 Ramada 4 days ago. It is in good shape, but needs some work. What a blessing to find your site.  Have already asked three questions and read or printed out much of what is on the site.  Thanks again to you and all the other Apaches out there....Thanks again for such a helpful site."  Norman

9/22/00 " ...Again thanks for the info. Love this Apache sight. Keep it going." Rick

9/23/00 "Keep up the good work, I'll keep coming. Don't ever want to get rid of my camper."

9/25/00 "Thanks to your Web site, I have sold the Apache camper.  Got a lot of responses - I knew this was a popular site, but I frankly didn't expect quite so much action right away.  So you may withdraw the ad with many thanks." John

9/29/00 "First off, I want to say you have one heck of a site.  Keep up the great work!..."

10/1/00 "... The local RV show is in town from the 13th - 22nd of October.  My wife, daughter (age 6) and I go every year.  Originally my wife wanted to buy a new $9K-$12K pop-up.  I've always wanted to buy a used popup instead.  I finally convinced her we should buy used, one - to see if we like camping the pop-up way, and two - I don't think we will get out enough use to warrant a new rig (wifey works every other weekend-sucks!).  After finding out about Apaches and visiting your site,  that's what I want.  I showed her some pixs of rigs on your site, and she liked the idea of a hardsided pop-up. Now with my wife, her mind is always subject to change, we'll see.  But I still want to thank you for your site, and helping convince her (for the moment, anyway) that a used Apache is a good choice.     ps  When I finally get an Apache, I'll send some pixs for your site."

10/6/00 "What a neat site!! Chocked full of all the neat stuff...Really enjoy the site. Keep up the good work."

10/16/00 "... I really appreciate your page and your help."

10/27/00 "... I have searched your site over, finding some very good info which I have printed off and started a book with... I really appreciate your time and efforts with the site and your unbelievably speedy response to our questions !!! Thanks, Douglas"

11/4/00 "... I'd like to say a big thank you for the great info on the web site on Apache pop up trailers.  It is very informative and very helpful..."

11/11/00 "...thanks for all the great advice and Apache inspiration...."

11/13/00 "...It's been a lot of fun reading through all the information and stories on the Apache Camper site.  Actually, finding all that positive energy helped me make my decision to buy one.  It was really out of the blue when I took a quick look in the local paper and found it right at the top:  "APACHE POP-UP CAMPER $200.00 - NEEDS WORK"  A little searching turned up your site and the rest is history...I thank you for your dedication and efforts on the web site for all of us Apache owners - old and new."

12/26/00 "Doug, you have a great web site, keep up the good work. Thank You." Dale -

01/05/01 "Doug: Hello again, I really appreciate all the info you have provided me..."

01/07/01 "I would just like to let you know how excited I am to find this web site. I bought a '68 Apache years ago which was ok for a starter. It did not have a hard top, it was all tent. A year or so later I bought a 73 Eagle for $1200. It was a very good buy as far as I'm concerned. I wouldn't trade it for any other camper. I just need to find a few small parts for my Apache. I get compliments everywhere I go from other camper owners: Starcraft, Coleman etc. Everyone likes the space and the sturdiness in which it was built. I have added a flag pole for racing flags when I go to the races (sprint cars). I also added an electric water pump for the sink. So thank you for this site and if there is any information any one can give me about this year camper it will be greatly appreciated." Tony

01/09/01 "First, I want to say my hat's off to you.  The web sight is a tremendous piece of work, especially since it is something you do on the side and not as a full time job.   It is the reason I bought an Apache trailer and got my family into pop-up camping..."

01/12/01 "...The site is a well executed and thought out one I might say !!!...Keep up the good site !! Maybe it will change more minds !!!..."

01/13/01 "Hi Doug, my compliments on the site, it gets better all the time!..."

01/25/01 "...I love the Web site and must say it is a buying factor to know so many love these..."

01/29/01 "You have done a great job on this site, thanks for all your hard work...."

01/30/01 "...I found your website by accident and became possessed. Hopefully I'll come across one."

01/31/01 "...I wanted first of all to thank you for all your hard work on the web page.  It's an invaluable
resource, and I find myself referencing information from it on an almost daily basis.  Any time I need anything Apache-related you're the guy to go to...Thanks again, and keep up the great work!"

02/02/01 "Thanks for your web site for these wonderfully made campers. They are so much
fun to use...We have really enjoyed it here in the deep south in Mississippi..."

02/03/01 "I love your site.  I fell in love with the Apache 15 years ago.  Former neighbor had one for sale but I was broke.  Now I'm fixed, I'm looking for one...."

02/05/01 "...I am so glad we found your website...The legend lives on as long as young campers like me still remember those great trailers their grandparents had, and find themselves one of their own. ( I'm only 25 so I can still remember ours a little) Thanks for providing a needed service..."

02/08/01 "I just purchased a 1972 Apache Ramada, and I want to thank you for this website and it's wealth of information. I'm sure I'll be a regular over here." Irma

02/16/01 "...Thanks for the great site..."

02/18/01 "...Thanks again for the great site Doug, keep up the good work!"

02/19/01 "...what a great site!!!"

02/27/01 "Hi. I enjoy your Apache web site. As a kid, we camped in a Bethany tent trailer. I always thought that Apache trailers were neat pop-up campers..."

02/28/01 "Thank you for placing the ad.  Already we got 6 responses!"

03/08/01 "...Thanks Doug. This has been and continues to be THE BEST web site for all of the Apache camper followers.  It has been great to be a part of that by acting as a coordinator and passing the message on to others."

03/08/01 "Awesome!  The restoration page is great!..."

03/08/01 "...thoroughly impressed with your website."

03/13/01 "Thank you for this web site... My family and I had a lot of good memories camping in our Apache. We were military- so we traveled a lot. Now my Husband and daughter and I would like to start our memories. We hopefully will have the camper up and ready to use by the beginning of summer. Thank you for keeping the spirit of the Apache camper alive"

03/13/01 "Thank you and I love your website.  It is very useful.  This will be our first time experiencing a pop-up (if we can find one!)."

03/16/01 "...Fantastic WEBSITE!!!  I can't believe I found it."

03/17/01 "...Thank you so much for this free service. As it turned out, a gentleman from Florida drove all the way up to Michigan to purchase our camper this morning.  He loved it and everyone left happy and with new friends. Thanks again!"

03/20/01 "...great web site - if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of found the hard side camper thanks a lot"

03/31/01 "Great site..."

04/01/01 "...They were very impressed with your websight and with you..."

04/07/01 "Found your site while Yahoo searching for Apache Trailers. Great site!..."

04/09/01 "WOW!  Your web page is powerful!..."

04/10/01 "...Thank you for taking the time to keep this site going. I've seen a lot of very good pictures here.
I saw a lot of things in them that I did not know about mine..."

04/10/01 "Hi, I own a 1974 Apache Royal in Amsterdam New York... I've owned it for 4 years now and I love it! its been all through the Adirondacks and I've even taken it south to Amish country in Penn. and into Virginia camping . I've enjoyed reading other campers stories on your site and its great to know such a site exists! Take care and happy camping..."

04/15/01 "I must say, I am very impressed with this site! I think it is great that you devote so much time to running this site. I am seriously interested in buying an apache tent trailer and your website is, by far, the best camping site I've been to ever!! After visiting your site I am more excited now than I ever have been about buying a camper." Jason

04/20/01 "First let me complement you on your site.  I just wish I had found it when I first acquired my trailer not when I'm getting ready to sell it. I will definitely tell who ever buys it about you thanks again..."

04/20/01 "I love the site! Keep up the good work. I just purchased a 74 mesa in perfect shape for $800. I have found this site extremely helpful. I used it to know what to look for when looking at the trailer to make sure it was in as good of shape as it looked. I have found a lot of useful tips, thank you!...Thank you for this site!" Mark

04/23/01 "Dear Doug: You've made our day!!!  My husband and myself, after years of  being soaked through during tent camping decided enough was enough.  I wanted to buy a camper!  We looked at many new and used ones,  then just by accident (or kismet) a neighbor down the block had a camper for sale in his driveway.  Well, I decided to take a walk over and take a look.  My first impression of this camper was mediocre to say the least. It was a funny green color outside and a retro 70's brown and orange on the inside.  After talking to the original owners for a while it started to grow on me. So, for 1500.00 My husband and I got a MINT condition 1977 Apache Ramada! I was tickled pink!  We brought it home, parked it in the driveway and started to add our own little personalization to it. (we even named it the "Millane's Ramada Inn") I couldn't wait to take it out and use it.  The weekend that we finally got to use it, it POURED BUCKETS! But we didn't have a speck of water on the inside (YEEHA!) My husband and I laughed the entire time and took pity on the people in not only the tents but in the pop-ups with canvas sides.  The only bad thing that has happened to our "baby" so far is that on our first trip the vent cover blow off somewhere down the highway.  I wasn't sure if we'd ever be able to find a replacement part for it.  Imagine my surprise and utter delight
when I came across your website.  I found the piece we needed and are going to ask Ole' Elmer to ship one to us. Again, thank you for this wonderfully easy and uncomplicated website. Keep up the great work." Leslie and Paul - Brown Deer, Wisconsin

04/24/01 "...I really appreciate the website. It has been very helpful..."

04/24/01 "...Thanks for all you do for this small, eclectic and enthusiastic Apache community!"

04/24/01 "...Keep up the awesome website!"

04/24/01 "...P.S. LOVE this site GREAT job!!!!!!"

04/24/01 "...our two boys LOVE your website and love to see our trailer...Keep up the awesome website!"

04/25/01 "...Excellent site!"

05/01/01 "...Wonderful site and hubby was thrilled to death that I found it. Very helpful..."

05/03/01 "...thank you for such an awesome site, I just can't say enough about it."

05/06/01 "I just wanted to let you know that I sold the camper listed on your site 4/17. I also want to thank you for listing it, I sold it to someone that had listed on your site wanting a camper. This is a wonderful site and I will continue to visit it even though I don't have an Apache camper. Thanks again."

05/07/01 "After purchasing my 1974 Ramada for only $100.00, I soon found out what a deal I had. Clearly by accident did I find your web site and started reading every manual you had posted. It wasn't long before I had ordered living hinges, roadcap seals, bed end bumpers and two gear box's. Now I guess I have about $500.00 in this wonderful camper, and I could not be happier. My wife helped me wash the curtains and clean up the inside. Then I pressured cleaned the out side. It looks brand new. Thank God for Ole' Elmer. He is a life saver...See you on the road!!!!!"

05/08/01 "Hi, Love the Apache website! We are going to camp for two weeks this summer (if we get the Ramada finished) through Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. We have a `74 Apache Ramada. Redoing all the living hinge, windows, curtains and cushion covers...."

05/11/01 "First, let me thank you for your wonderful website!..."

05/14/01 "Great site!..."

05/16/01 "...Thanks and keep up the great work."

05/17/01 "Hi Doug, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you have a great website!! I sold my camper by posting it on your site and Boy! do I miss the old girl. I come back to your site quite often just to see what's going on. Also in reading about all the different models I have never come across one that I sold. It was Apache Falcon ( soft top ), I think it was a 1965 or 1968 ? I'm think I sold the last of it's kind. Anyway it served us well for many years until we finally out grew it, but we will always have the memories of our faithful and rugged APACHE CAMPER. Thanks for being there."

05/17/01 "Doug, We have to thank you again for all the great info. We got info from you in 1999 and it really helped. Also used other Q & A's to get help(like making our own lifting chains). We have enjoyed many camping trips and have gotten many stares because there are VERY few Apache's in So. California (we've only seen one)..."

05/18/01 "...Doug, you have been a blessing and I appreciate everything you have done for me."

05/19/01 "...I've been enjoying your web sight..."

05/23/01 "...Thanks for all that you do for this site.  Your effort is appreciated!"

05/23/01 "...This website is great, I really benefit from the resources and knowledge. I know it's a lot of hard work, thanks for all the hard work!"

05/31/01 "...Thanks for the fun web site."

06/07/01 "Spectacular web site! I'm restoring/remodeling a '76 Ramada and your site and links are invaluable and encouraging. It helped me to realize what I was working with and that I wasn't off course on my project...Please keep up the good work!"

06/16/01 "...Thanks for the web site."

06/19/01 "...My wife and I are in the process of re-doing this camper...('73 Mesa)... and we have had some fun.  We purchased this camper last summer and I had no idea what kind of club we had gotten into.  What a hoot.  The camper we purchased had a gear box that was in excellent shape and it is the hard side type.  I was recently looking through this site and I may have to try the AC installation.  I think I would place it under the seat of the table so I don't destroy the look of the side of the camper.  Thanks again for a great and helpful site."  Bob

06/21/01 "...Doug you do a super job on the APACHE web-site. Any changes I asked you to make are done promptly and efficiently in the Roundup 2001 section. Thanks so much." Sincerely, Les

06/28/01 "Looking for my first camper and am intrigued about these Apaches...Awfully impressive web site."

06/29/01 "...wanted to let you know that this is a great web site.  Thanks for building it!"

06/29/01 "...I think the site is wonderful."

06/30/01 "...I am only 19 , But I have learned from your web site the true Value of an Apache. Thanks for all your help your web site is the best..."   

06/30/01 "Great website. Thank you..." 

07/02/01 "...Please add me to the Apache Register section of your absolutely wonderful (!!!) web site.  I check the web site regularly to see what's new..."

07/10/01 "Thanks so much & I know you've heard this before - - but the website is GREAT & so professional and informative..."

07/15/01 "I have what I think is most likely the only 1969 Eagle that is in nearly new condition! I have kept thinking that one of my sons would like it someday, however I forgot to factor in the daughter-in-law. So as I now near the retirement age I would like to use the garage space for other things. I would appreciate it if you would place it in the "For Sale" category on your site. Which by the way is one of the best sites that I have seen so far...."

07/17/01 "Thank you for all the never ending hard work on the Apache Website, it is invaluable to a novice like me. I hope to continue learning and better understand the Apache Campers history and evolution..."

07/18/01 "...Doug this is a really great site.  There is so much information here its like having an APACHE dealer right in my own backyard.  Thanks for everything."

07/18/01 "...I have really enjoyed surfing your web site and have used a lot of the info in maintaining our Apache."


07/23/01 "…your WEB Page is an online survival tool for us!"

07/23/01 "THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your hard work in creating this web page. As you know, Apache info is very hard to come by. YOUR site is the ABSOLUTE BEST. It actually kept me from just trashing my Apache after many years of wonderful use. Your web site has given me new hope and links to parts and  info that I need. AGAIN THANKS!!!!!"

07/23/01 "…your WEB Page is an online survival tool for us!"

07/24/01 "Thanks for your great website.  My folks had an Apache Ramada, when I was a kid. I wish they had not sold it, years ago. I want one for my children. Thank you in advance for putting in my wanted ad..."

07/25/01 "...This is a great thing!!"

07/26/01 "Would like to add our name to the Apache registry as we just discovered the awesome Apache website....Thanks to the website I have been able to ask and receive answers regarding repairs to our camper. Thanks to all of you." Ron & Donna

07/28/01 "I really get a lot of enjoyment, education and ideas from this fantastic "APACHE WEB SITE", You are doing excellent work..."

07/28/01 "First of all, GREAT SITE.  I am learning a lot of useful information to help me with my camper..."

08/01/01 "I have a 1973 Apache Mesa In pristine condition...My father bought the Mesa new.. Enjoy your site, I love the Apache trailers and the passion people have for them.  If my father were around, (he passed five years ago), would be a encyclopedia of knowledge on our Mesa, and would be very proud of this website!  If there is anything I can help on, please let me know.  Thank you."

08/07/01 "...Thanks for the great site!"

08/09/01 "WOW, what a great site!  I have been looking for a lightweight travel trailer to pull behind my '59 VW double cab for a while now. I had never heard of Apache until I stumbled on your site via a Florida bus club site. You have done great work and I am starting to look for an Apache for my family!"

08/14/01 "Doug~ Thank you for your help and concern for all of us Apache owners!  Your help and dedication to the web page has helped so many of us.  Ole Elmer has also helped in lots of ways. Thanks again! Kim, Jim and family, 1973 Apache Ramada owner. Very excited to reveal to the world.  Gone camping!!&*I"

08/14/01 "Hi Doug, I looked at the web site this morning and saw the ad was already posted - thanks! I will definitely let you know when we sell it. I can appreciate how difficult it is to keep the listing reasonably up to date. I will also let the new buyers know about the web site - it's a great place for information. Thanks again, Terry"

08/14/01 "Your site is a life saver! I have what I think is a '77 Cimarron. After spending most of the day taking apart my camper, only to get more frustrated, I found your site. What a blessing. I now have the broken chain laying in the yard. The gear box is questionable. Tomorrow I will order parts, Thank You!... As for fun in the camper, it likes the Florida Keys and any where else I take it. I can relate to you and your parents. I am raising 4 children on camping and only wish we could increase our trips from about 6 a year to 12. Thanks again..."

08/15/01 "...I spent hours on your site and enjoyed it all!..."

08/16/01 "Thank you very much.  I really love the site."

08/17/01 "...Thanks for such a great site!  Will recommend to others."

08/18/01 "Just a short note to say thank-you for the Apache website, it's one of the best sites I have seen!..."

08/20/01 "Thanks a million for letting us put our mattresses wanted ad on here. I did receive a couple of people trying to help out and that just blew me away. Thank you to all who tried!...This weekend is going to be a blast!  We are getting excited! This is our first trip using this Apache. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication for us owners..."

08/20/01 "Thanks so much...the camper has been sold!!! and in less than 4 weeks, also.  The people that called us (there were about 6 calls altogether) saw the "ad on the Internet"--your site.  Keep up the good work. We used your site to get instructions on how to install new windows on the Apache. Again, thanks very much."  Chrissie

08/22/01 "Hi Doug - I found your site and researched the Apache before buying one, I got a 1972 Ramada at an estate auction for $450.00 cdn, it needs some renovating,  I don't think I would have bought it without first seeing your great site!! keep up the good work. Long live the Apache!"

08/24/01 "I / We have been lurking on your site for about six months now, and decided its about time to register!!  Thank you so much for providing so much info on these wonderful campers!!  We have a '79 Mesa that we bought for $500 about 6 months ago.  It was in pretty rough shape, but after we saw your page and all the how-to's and helpful info, we had to go buy it!!  We've restored a lot of it, but have a little ways to go.  We've had it out 5 times this year and haven't had a leak yet!!..."

08/26/01 " are doing a wonderful service and I thank you very much..."

08/29/01 "First off let me say how much i have enjoyed your informative site over the last year or so......keep up the good work..."

08/29/01 "...It has been so much fun being part of the Yahoo Apache club...  Keep up the good work and thanks again..."

09/02/01 "...Thanks for your support of the web site it has been a great help for us new Apache owners."

09/09/01 "...your work has been very appreciated by so many ... keep up the good work."

09/11/01 "...thank you for your great site and for the opportunity to find our mesa a good home..."

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09/25/01 "Thanks for the great website. You are doing a great service.  I too think the Apache hard sided is marvelous.  We bought ours new 20 years ago.  We sold it today.  It is sad to part with it.  Lots of good camping memories.  I am passing your website to the new owner. Thanks again"

09/26/01 "Great site!  I was able to restore a run down trailer to a point where we could use it camping in record time with the resources found on your site! Thank you!"   Jim

10/03/01 "Hi, I got my Apache from my brother-in-law who could not keep it in his yard, he said it was a 64 Mesa III, until I found your site and a picture of a 1970 Mesa III in the Museum.  It's exactly what I have down to the green counters and orange seats. While it's not on the road, it's in good condition overall, needs canvas but will use it next year. I live in Saratoga Springs, NY  and my name is Jon. hope to restore a little and replace the canvas. This is a great site Thank you for setting it up."

10/07/01 "...Thank you and thanks for a great web sight."

10/15/01 "...Thanks a bunch for all your help!  A big thanks for Ole Elmer!..."

10/23/01 "...Thanks....thoroughly enjoy your web site."

10/28/01 "...Nice web site by the way..."

11/08/01 "Well, I took your advice & clicked on the site you had highlighted in your e-mail. I am now a member!!!!! I'll find my way around to any events I can get to next summer. Thank You for the info.  Gone Campin..."

11/16/01 "Hello...We have had our Apache Ramada camper since 1968.  Bought it new here in Monroe and use it about once a year.  I was looking around on my computer and found this site.  I got excited and glad to find folks that still own the Apache Camper.  We love ours.  Still looks almost new.  Please list us on the Apache Register..."

11/16/01 "Hi Doug, By the looks of your site I'm sure you are very busy. It's one of if not the best sites I've ever visited...I appreciate all you do for Apache owners. Without your site I would never have been able to repair and refinish my Apache. You had all the answers! Just trying to help by forwarding all the information on Apaches I can find so you can share. I have the easy job. You have the difficult one..."

11/19/01 "...Love your web site it's been very helpful for fixing my pop-up."

11/26/01 " Dear Doug, Thank you so much for your help with sending the pictures by e-mail.  I am really new at this computer.  One of the first web sites I looked for was APACHE.  Boy was I shocked and thrilled to find your website and your good work... Keep up the good work."

12/10/01 "Hi there, My husband and I bought a 1976 Apache Royal two years ago and we love it. We are from Southgate MI...We love your website and visit it often.  It's nice to see that there are so many people who own these great little pop-ups.  Ours is in near perfect condition, although the original upholstery is going to be replaced this summer.  Thanks for putting together such a great site we really enjoy it!!!"

12/18/01 "Some how or another I stumbled on to your webpage while looking for the standard canvas style popups and have now sat here for almost half the day reading about the wonderful campers and the people who are just nuts about them . I have concluded that I now do not want a newer trailer and have put out many feelers to purchase an apache popup . I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this website, you have done an incredible job and it has made me feel better today to have enjoyed it . I am also reminded of a quote out of the bible that pertains to your efforts that reads " just as steel sharpens steel so can one man another '' . Thanks for  todays sharpening . Sincerely, Brett..."

01/12/02 "Dear Doug: This is the most fun and  informative website I've seen in a long time. I came across it by chance when looking for info about  Apache campers. I saw an ad for an Apache camper for sale in town (Belleville, Ontario, Canada), and remembered them from my early childhood camping days with the folks. In your questions section, I asked about what to look for when considering an Apache purchase. I got immediate feedback from all over the U.S. (thanks Mark Perry!) and even an owner nearby (thanks Ron Dempster!). This info was helpful and I am now an Apache owner! I have a lot of work to do-First to find the model through the serial no., license and insure it, and with help from the website and the Apache Camping Centre in Toronto, some parts for restoration. I will keep in touch and relate info on my progress so I can hopefully help others with info and advice. Keep up the good work, and please let me know if I can be of service to you here in Ontario. Sincerely, Chris

01/21/02 "...Thanks for the great site and if you hear of a Royal for sale (w/toilet and shower) please let me know (west coast)!!"

01/21/02 "...As always, a great site and wonderful resource...."

01/21/02 "...I love the Web site...."

02/09/02 "Hey Doug (aka.."Chief of the Apache Nation!) You have truly developed a most informative website on these wonderful campers...I continue to be inspired by the work that you and many others have contributed in making this site what it is....HATS OFF!! Please add my family to the register and thanks again!"

02/12/02 "Sure enjoyed this site..."

02/12/02 "... Thanks for the wonderful stories and encouraging words of restoration - it makes me believe that the $200 we just invested for our very first camper was quite possibly the best investment we've ever made...Thanks again for all the useful information on the website. May God bless you today and every day!"

02/22/02 "I just happened to check out the museum brochure section to try to date a certain apache tent-trailer. This is all new info giving an excellent account of 'Apache history'. If you are looking for a little camper history this is super. Thanks again Doug, because of you we have a neat web site that is second to none. Apache is number#1."

03/05/02 "Hello Doug, My name is Mike and I am the new owner of a '75 Apache Ramada and are in the fixer-up stage (not too much has too be done except a lot of cleaning)...This is our second pop-up, our first was a '79 Coleman, but by far the Apache is a better pop-up. Your site is a great source of information and I do appreciate you taking the time to put it together as it was the first thing that I looked at after we got the camper home. I had no idea that Apache had gone out of business and was relieved to find a site for a source of getting parts and info.. We are looking forward to our first camping trip in it in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Mike"

03/16/02 "...Thank you for providing a resource that put me in touch with people of the same interest..."

04/02/02 "...Again thanks for this great site.."

04/04/02 " Want to inform you that the Apache I had for sale, was sold today. Thanks for the splendid service!  Hated to see it go!"

04/05/02 "Great site...Keep up the great work!"

04/07/02 "Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to use your website to sell our Apache....It was sold on Friday.....Another happy camper!!!  Thanks again!"

04/08/02 "...We have enjoyed the website and find it very informative.  I hope to use some of the information in a future restoration of our camper..."

04/13/02 "I love your site. I have a 72 Mesa hard side that I bought from a friend for $400 and have loved it ever since. Your site has helped me do allot of repairs. I have your site as my favorite site to visit..."

04/16/02 "Hey I just wanted to say this is a great site. I just bought an Apache Royal and it was the first popup I had ever see that was a solid state. Thanks to your site because I probably would not have bought it without all the info that you have made available. I am glad I did because with just a little work I have a one of the neatest
campers around.  Thanks, Bobby"

04/17/02 "...I was actually shocked and pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm over 'pop ups.'  Your web site looks great and all of you 'pop uppers' are doing a great job of keeping the legend of the Apache alive...."

04/17/02 "...I just bought my '68 or '69 Apache less than a month ago and your site has been a GREAT help in restoration! Thanks again..."

04/17/02 "...You have an awesome website, and if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't have bought the camper today... THANKS!!!..."

04/21/02 "...Thanks for all the work you do to keep the website up and running!..."

04/30/02 "...Your website has helped us out soooo much. I check it frequently and love it... I love the Apaches!!!"

05/05/02 "...Thank you for all your time and effort you've put into this remarkable site.  I know that my husband and I appreciate everything you do.  We are now regular visitors!! Thanks again!" April

05/08/02 "...I was so excited when I found this website it is great I can't wait until my husband gets home so I can show him. Thank you so much I LOVE the pictures. Thank you again" Lisa

05/09/02 "...I can't wait to buy an Apache trailer, thanks to your site..."

05/10/02 "...Thanks for your site! It has been and will be a great help."

05/12/02 "...Thank you for the wonderful website.  It has really helped us with our Apache."

05/14/02 "Thank you for your service it was great. I found the parts I needed almost immediately... your website is Great."

05/15/02 "Hello Doug. I am sure you've heard it before but I just wanted to let you know what a great site you have. I feel confident that I can take on nearly any problem I may come across with the recent purchase of a 1978 Apache Ramada...Thanks again for a great site..."

05/21/02 "By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it before, you have one terrific website..."

06/03/02 "...I wanted to take this time to thank-you in advance, and to tell you how much I enjoyed and
learned about Apaches on your website..."

06/04/02 "...Thanks for your kindness and fast response, and for the superb website for a camper that I thought
had a small following, but now discover is approaching a cult following.  :) Keep up the great work..."

06/06/02 "...Thank You for having and keeping the Apache site. It is a "godsend" to those of us who have these trailers..."

06/07/02 "Thanks for fixing my registry posting so quickly, and thanks for a great website! Michele"

06/10/02 "...GREATTTT  SITE..."

06/11/02 "... PS - Love this website"

06/27/02 "I'm so glad to find your wonderful Website. I didn't know what a great little deal I had till I read your site."

06/27/02 "Doug, I love your website..."

07/01/02 "Thanks so much for all the great information in your site about a GREAT popup trailer!!.."

07/08/02 "...Thanks, Doug for keeping all this info updated and allowing us to communicate with other apache owners!"

07/11/02 " I just wanted to say thanks for having the information I have been looking for to fix my 1975 apache.  being able to down load the service manual made it so easy to replace the lifter chains and rebuild the gear boxes.   Thanks I couldn't have done it without your help! Susan -- Byers, Colorado NOTE: for any one in colorado looking to find new parts for their apache campers I only found one shop that can get them.(believe me I called every RV shop in the state!)   Rocky Mountain RV located at 4th and Sheridan Blvd. in the denver metro area.  Their phone # is 303-233-6716.  They got me the parts I needed in a few days and didn't charge an arm and a leg."

07/13/02 " You can remove my ad from your site.  The camper sold today as a direct result of the ad.  And I received my asking price as we both felt it was a fair value. I did suffer a little remorse when it pulled out of my drive for the last time.  After 26 years you do become attached to your camper. But I'm pleased someone else can continue to use and appreciate it now. Thank you so much for the service you provide. Without your website I'm sure many Apache campers would be delegated to the scrap heap.  Your efforts have helped keep the Apache Camper legend alive! As a result of your efforts I hope to have a donation on the way for your website.  I feel it is the least I can do. Happy camping and best wishes for many future successes as a result of your website. Again, Thank you!   Bruce Bowers, Ex-Apache Owner"

07/14/02 "...We sure appreciate your site....Lots of great information for us "newbies" to Apache camping."

07/16/02 "...And thank you so much for the ad and for the wonderful page.  We've really enjoyed it over the years.  You've done a great job keeping these little guys alive and well, and your page is easy and very pleasant to use."

07/18/02 "we are glad to have found this site.  we are proud owners of a 1970 Apache Ramada I popup..."

07/22/02 "Am I glad I found this web-site!!..."

07/25/02 "Hi Doug - Nice web page it has been a BIG help..."

07/25/02 "Thanks for showing an Apache owner all the good stuff...Keep up the good work it is really very helpful and we both enjoy our trailer"

07/27/02 "...I would like to thank you for this site, we have found a lot of useful and helpful parts ect..."

08/02/02 "Doug, Incredible website!!! My father told me about Apache Sales Corp. and asked if I would go with him to get parts for his trailer (probably will be mine someday) on Saturday. I thought I'd get some info on it before we went and was amazed that the ONLY thing on the www was you sight. All the other web sites that came up in a search for "apache campers"  came up only because it had a link to yours. Great site with TONS of information. We're going to see Elmer tomorrow. Thank you for putting this all "out there". Mark"

08/03/02 "...THANK YOU… Your site has provided so much information to us.  Karen and Dave"

08/03/02 "Doug, Thank  you for all the work you've done over the years with the website. It has been an invaluable resource for me and countless others as they get their Apaches back into shape.  Not to mention the fact that your website spreads the word & lets the world know about the engineering marvel that was the Apache..."

08/06/02 " We are very new to the camper world, and didn't know very much until reading everything at your web site...We are learning quickly though, and getting to know our camper.  We hope to restore it to its original condition so long as its feasible, but if not, at least get it back on its feet. Anyway, thank you for registering us... Your web site is our #1 stop for information.  Thank you for all the time you have put into it."

08/12/02 "Thank you for your encouragement. Your web site is incredible..."

08/13/02 "Hi Doug: We are glad we got to meet you at the Roundup. Thanks again for all your help to other Apache families... We will be talking about the Roundup for a long time! Thanks again."

08/18/02 "After reading the story about the Apache campers in the Flint Journal Sunday 8-18-02 it brought back memories of when I worked there off and on from 1970 to 1972. It was a good time working there, and I loved the turkeys they handed out at Thanks Giving! It was nice to hear that so many folks are still using some of the campers I worked on and how much they like them! I don't own one but I do like camping partly brought on by working there many years ago! I am glad I found this site and will be checking back to watch things going on here. Thanks again  -Jim Gray"

08/19/02 "I just wanted to drop you a note to say THANKS for all the work you did in coordinating the roundup!!  We had a great time!  It was definitely worth the drive from Minnesota!!..."

08/19/02 "Your site is great! I love my camper and so does everyone who sees it."

08/19/02 "...Thank you for all the work you do for us by keeping this web sight up."

08/20/02 "We recently bought an Apache Cimarron Camper at a Sheriff's Auction. We are not sure of the year. We think maybe a '78....This is the first camper we have owned. It is the Solid State type. We love it. We took it out for the first time this past week end. It needs a few things done to it. I am so excited to find this web site. As we will need to replace a few things on it. We will be working to get it in tip top shape. It is not really in that bad of shape at all... I appreciate your work on this site."

08/24/02 "Doug, Thanks so much for listing my apache on the website, i had such a quick response, and sold my trailer today. it took less than a week!! Thanks again!!!"

08/25/02 " Greetings: I just purchased a 73 Apache from a friend and was trying to get as familiar with the trailer as I could possibly get.  Finding this site was a Godsend for me as now I have some ideas of what to watch for and even guides to trailer repair in the "How to" section. The manual that came with the trailer was water damaged and some instructions were rendered useless when the pages stuck together, so you can say I am very thankful to have found your site! I am not much of a mechanic but after reading some of the how to guides (particularly for repacking the wheel bearings) it actually sounded simple.  Now I know to look for the exposed propane line lying over the axle (something I would have never bothered to look at or even considered for a leak point).  I literally took the trailer apart trying to find a VIN number so I could license the trailer.  Turns out the previous owner inadvertently removed it when he installed a storage box on the tongue frame.  Anyway, can't thank you enough just for having this site. Sincerely, Glenn"

08/26/02 "Thanks for the web site.  I was very pleased to find a site dedicated to the Apache camper.  I just purchased a Ramada from a friend for $300.  I'm not even sure what year it is.  Seemed the color was beige, so it should be between '79 and '86.  Another fellow I know had an Apache, but told me he became discouraged after he could no longer find parts and sold the unit.  With the resource of the web-site, I expect that I should be able to have many years of enjoyment from the camper.  Thanks again, John"

08/29/02 "...The Apache popup site is GREAT!...Thanks so much for your help!!"

08/31/02 " Hi Doug! Well we sold our camper!! Didn't take long at all!! Had lots of response to the ad, sold it to a guy from Cincinnati, Ohio just by looking at the photos we emailed him!! Thanks a lot - great way to sell a camper ( via internet!!)."

09/02/02 " Doug, Thanks for your efforts in maintaining the web site.  We have owned several apaches over the years and have used the site many times to find parts/information..."

09/04/02 "...Your web site is great, don't know how I would have done it without it."

09/05/02 " ...I vividly remember in ''69 or so, a trip to Colorado from their home (mine too at the time, I was around my 9th or 10th year), in Stillwater, OK. Man was that camper cold at night! Especially when the Catalytic heater ran out of fuel. I woke up after a night of drooling on the tent frame and my cheek was frozen to it, YEOW!"

09/09/02 "...Nice site, great info on apache trailers. Thank you."

09/16/02 "Thanks for listing our Raven for sale!  It has already sold!  Someone came 250 miles to look at it and bought it today, so you can remove the ad.  Thanks again."

09/16/02 "Hi Doug: My husband and I have just acquired a 1973 Ramada. We wouldn't have considered it if we hadn't found your wonderful website first. Our trailer has a couple of problems, so we contacted Ole' Elmer, and he was incredibly helpful - we hope to get it on the road soon..."

09/23/02 "...Nice site and keep up the good work. I have got a few ideas from some of the stories and stuff on the site. we are in the remodel stage of our Apache but don't have to do very much work to it though. Thanks again."

10/15/02 "Doug,  thanks so much for your help!  Love the web site!.."

10/22/02 "Thanks for the site Doug. I've had my 74 Ramada (green) since 86 and have had great times with it.
Its showing signs of a little wear now But its still a keeper as any Apache owner knows..."

10/25/02 "...I am so glad that this site is here. I am a new owner and I had no clue what I was doing with a pop up. Thanks to this site and the Question & Answer Forum I feel like I have an extended family when it comes to questions about my pop up. Thanks again"

10/26/02 "Doug: I just found out about your website last night, and boy was I glad to find out that there still might be some parts and service information available for my 1977 Ramada..."

11/10/02 "...Thank you for a terrific website, full of wonderful information."

11/12/02 "...Thanks for providing a needed service. I really love the web site and have told others about it.   Keep up the good work."

11/14/02 "We are the 2nd proud owners of a '73 Roamer...keep on rollin'! GREAT SITE!!"

11/19/02 "...Thanks, I love the website!"

11/26/02 "...I truly enjoy the web site and almost lived on it after we first got our '72 Ramada this summer, looking for ideas & reading all the how to's and stories and looking at all those pic.'s..."

11/26/02 "...THANK YOU for all your work on this web sight!!!!!"


12/05/02 "...By the way if it wasn't for your site I would have never learned about Apaches and then went searching and found one."

12/10/02 "Doug, Hello again You and your site have helped me to restore a fallen Ramada, When I talked to you last I had just got my Ramada, about 5 months ago since then I have replaced the chains, maintained the gear boxes, replaced the wood in both bed ends, painted counters weather proofed all wood, replaced the tires, and have the majority of a folding shower under the front bench installed, added new lights, a porta potty. (whew) All this is from your emails and your website, thank you thank you thank you!!..."

01/06/03 "Glad to see a site like this.  Thanks a lot.  We have a 1978 Ramada that we enjoy.  I will be able to use the "how to" and parts suppliers."

01/08/03 "Great website!..."

01/09/03 "...If I did not mention earlier, thanks for a great site. What a compilation of info, resources and contacts! Its really incredible and you deserve the highest commendation."

01/13/03 "Doug, Thank you for your e-mail, the last time I was so excited about the internet was when I discovered But this is different, for one thing you have one heck of a web-site, I have yet to figure out all the potential of it as I learn to operate this computer better, and the other thing is that it concerns camping!..."

And the mail keeps comin' in. Thanks again everyone, this wouldn't be here without you!!!   - Doug


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