Apache Appreciation Page!

These are various emails that I've received from appreciative Apache owners who love their Apaches.
May these inspire you as much as they've inspired me! Please keep 'em coming, and Thank you!!

11/4/98 " . . . Love my Apache too and my story of getting involved again with pop ups is the same as yours."

11/7/98 " . . . We love our Apache too!!!"

11/10/98 ". . . I recently purchased a 1973 MESA. They are amazing inventions, and I don't know why they are not made anymore. . ."

11/22/98 "...Apache solid state campers are the best campers bar none. They were ahead of the rest and nothing has come since to challenge their status. They were quality built and one of the best engineered designs around. What I do not understand is why other companies haven't figured out the advantages the solid state campers have..."

12/2/98 "This last summer I acquired the '65 Apache that my parents bought back in '66 to move our family from Florida to California.  My parents, three older sisters and me (age 4) traveled over 8000 miles in six weeks visiting every continental state.  My parents kept it and my family started using this summer.  Don't have any manuals and it needs work.  My aim is to repair or replace the canvas, gearing and update the cooking/heating aparatus.  It should last another 30 years to my children. . ."

12/3/98 "I also have a '74 HardTop. I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!  I purchased it from my brother-in-laws father.  He bought it second hand practically brand new and has maintained it very well.  I purchased it for $600.  It was our first "wheeled" camping experience and have been going strong for almost three years..."

12/7/98 "Wow!!! What a great find.  My buddy has a (brand X) Coleman and laughed at me through my attempts to find parts, info etc. on my Apache.  Your website is a God send.  I bought mine ('75 Ramada hardside) for $700.  I have since bought the curtain tabs for new curtains, new "living hinges" for the sleeper sides and (ouch) new gears.  They were pricey at $150 each, but worth it now that I can crank it up by myself.  So far that's been my investment.  At first my vanity was working overtime and I was going to paint it forest green to match my tow vehicle.  Thank goodness I came to my senses and realized what a prize I had actually bought.  I wouldn't paint it or trade it for even the newest of pop-ups. . ."

3/13/99 ". . . Everytime I go camping, folks always admire my Apache due to it's plastic construction, I don't know why they ever went out of business. . ."

3/16/99 "I just wanted to drop you a word of encouragement. I bought a 76 Ramada about ten years ago and can't wear the thing out. Have traveled across the southeast US and most of Texas without so much as a wimper from the old girl. Now that my two girls have grown up and are not into the camping scene anymore I have, at times, considered passing her on to a friend or relative. Then I put her up  in the back-yard under the guise of a good cleaning before I let her go and it starts all over again. You know , this thing is a state of mind, a fixer of lost souls , a good friend,  forever a retreat from the every day grind. She is one of a kind , never to be duplicated . So is yours. It is nice to see that there are other fans out there , keep em rolling !!! Kelly Barker , Louisiana (Cajun)"

3/26/99 "We love our hard shell apache !!!!!!!!!!!  . . .  We keep looking at the new RVs available, and when we think we may go for a new one, I change my mind.  I just can't part with my hard shell !!!!"

3/30/99 " I thought I was the only one out there that loved their Apache!!  Ours is a 1977 Ramada 16.  I had a dickens of a time locating the s/n and I eventually was forced to strip the paint off of the tongue of the trailer hitch.  Voila the mystery number appeared on the cross beam that runs down the left side of the trailer about a foot back from the ball attachment point.  It only took me two years to find it, but then again what is two years in the life of an Apache."

4/2/99 "A message from across the Atlantic from an Apache owner in England.  We bought our Apache in 1978 when we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. When we returned to the UK in 1980 we shipped it over with us.  I stripped out the inside of the camper to fit UK electrics.  During the 1980s, when our children were smaller, we travelled with it extensively in the UK, France and Spain.  It always generated interest . . ."

4/16/99 "WOW! It looks like someone WAS smart enough to blend the 2 worlds. Once we got it set up (an amazing thing to watch unto itself!) I couldn't believe how comfortable it was inside! . . ."

5/2/99 "I have just gotten back my 76' Royal from having a new lift system put in, and let me tell you what a wonderful marvel this popup is when the lift system works properly. It was well worth the investment . . ."

5/3/99 "I purchased a new 1979 Apache Ramada after seeing one at an RV site earlier that year. I swear it was the most beautiful pop-up I had ever laid my eyes on. It had a light tan box trimmed in maroon stripping with the Apache logo. I fell in love with this beautiful piece of steel, ABS, and aluminum.... man it was big too. I got lots of looks on the road and at many campsites. When I picked it up at the Houston dealership I only owned a 1977 Chevy "Luv" pickup! Hey...the trailer was larger than the truck! My wife and I decided on a vacation to Mass. to visit friends there....would you believe we pulled that Ramada with that 1800cc. tiny 4 cylinder engine??!!..and back. We really got stares in New York city on the way back (look at those dumb Texans)!!!! Ha. We had a ball. The Apache I owned was a real treasure. I was so proud of it and even kept it in the garage when storing it (for years). Now the sad part of this story... my wife talked me into selling that beautiful creature to our mailman and we bought a 21' Nomad trailer. Bad mistake! As of this writing I own a Coleman (yuk-i-poo), but looking for a 79' or newer Ramada to get my hands on. Any of you Apache owners feel free to give me a shout...love to hear from you, Clayton in Houston...... see ya"

5/5/99 "I have to agree that Apache campers are great. Too bad nobody makes them now. . ."

5/5/99 "I discovered your Apache web site yesterday and I couldn't be happier. Like others… I thought I was the only one out there with an Apache! . . ."

5/7/99 "We always look for Apaches wherever we camp and introduce ourselves. Ours is a 1968 Eagle that my wife purchased new. It's still going strong (with a few idiosyncrasies)."

5/13/99 "It seems as though I fit into the category of a lot of other people at this site... 3 kids, wife, tired of camping in a tent with screaming children!!!! I have a 78 apache ramada (what a truly genius invention!!)"

5/17/99 "My mom and dad bought an Apache Mesa brand new in 1976, I was 11 years old and we loved it! My mom didn't like to cook in it, and didn't use the ice box, only to store dry goods. Every time we went camping in the Jemez Mountains and in Colorado, everyone loved it at the campgrounds. When my Dad died in 1983 my mom didn't want anything to do with camping, and I was in college, so she sold it to a friend of the family for $1000.00. It was in PERFECT condition. I sure wish I would have talked to her into keeping it. I got married and we found a 1986 HUGE Apache trailer for $1800. The inside was immaculate, and looked like it was top of the line. The people had bought it brand new. But it was smashed in on one corner on the door side, and the corners of the beds were cracked and had small holes in them. However, I do wish we would have bought that and fixed it up. I see Apaches all over Albuquerque, but not for sale, just sitting in peoples yards or in storage yards. Wish we would get one now, the new tent pop ups are so expensive. If anyone here in New Mexico wants to sell their Apache please e mail me. Thanks for your site!" Matthew and Annette annmatt@flash.net

5/27/99 "My Dad and Mom bought theirs in 1966 and still have it today. . ."

6/28/99 "Back in my younger days (1974, '75, 76) my family purchased an Apache Ramada and towed it all around the southeast with our 1974 slant 6 Dodge Dart (three on the tree). Mom sold it as we grew older since we were outgrowing the camping thing by then (much to my chagrin today since it was in perfect shape). Now with kids and a wife of my own, I want to relive the glory days and get a camper of my own. My wife insists it have a shower and to my recollection Apache made at least one model with a shower, the Roamer.  I am looking for anyone selling a Roamer or any other Apache model with a shower unit. I live in Virginia and would be willing to drive some distance to pick-up so don't hesitate to respond." vjstangelo@yahoo.com

7/19/99 "We are the owners of an Apache Eagle, think we bought it in 1968-70, all canvas model. It has the plastic windows next to the table. This little darling has been around the country with 2 adults and 2 kids. Had bears rubbing their backs on the extended beds, listened to coyotes howl in the mountains, you get the idea. The best part is that it now shelters those kids (grown up) and their kids. We have to schedule trips as it is a popular item. To give you a clue the kids were more than surprised to find no one can reserve it for Labor Day! Can you imagine, the old original owners are taking it. :) "But Grandma, what will we camp in?" "Don't know Honey but Grandpa and I are off in our tent house." It just weathered the terrible storm in northern Minnesota that has the BWCA flattened. I found this web site while looking for information on how to water-proof the canvas and assumed that the first place to look was for an Apache distributor. What a surprise to discover they are no longer made. What a pity! All those people who will never have the advantage of the best little camper around. :-) Any way, good luck, didn't realize so many people loved the Apache. Now on to my waterproofing research!" Ardele at anr_wheeler@yahoo.com or Ardele at jlm@mninter.net

7/24/99 "Like many of the folks here, I grew up camping in an Apache Eagle ('65 I think). Currently have a '63 Raven that I stole from my Uncle, but would like to find a mid-to-late '60's Eagle (Silver or Golden) in good shape. Would also be interested in an early '70's Ramada. Apaches in good shape are getting pretty rare but I know there are still a few out there." CThom35627@aol.com

7/25/99 "Me and my wife bought a 1973 Apache (not sure of model its only1294#). It was in perfect shape when we got it "but" when we opened it for the first time when we where putting up the ends the glue let loose on the hinges and it fell off cracking the plastic. I reinstalled using 1" by 1/8 inch thick aluminum stripping on both sides and pop riveting it together.Then I used some epoxy I get from work to repair the plastic. First time we took it out we took it to Cedar Point in Sanduski Ohio and had a great time. Our second trip we went to state park in Brooklyn Michigan and survived two bad thunder storms and my daughter getting checked out by the boys.We are looking forward for our next trip to Wilson State Park in Harrision Michigan - happy camping ........the guy, connie,kristine,dena haggard"

7/26/99 "Doug, Thanks for the great Apache site. I have a '76 Ramada that I bought about 2 years ago from a buddy of mine for $500.00. It needed a little work, new curtains, new floor tiles and my wife painted the inside. We love it! It's been all over Florida. I've now got some electrical problems I'm dealing with, but I got the diagram off the site and that will make it a lot easier. Thanks again. Oh, BTW, that buddy I bought it from bought a motor home. His standing offer to buy BACK my Apache is now $1500.00. NO SALE!! Good Camping, John - Apopka, FL"

8/9/99 "On a recent trip to Tennessee, my family and I towed an unknown year hard side Apache Ramada back to our home in north Florida. Before that we took a Memorial day tent camping trip with our three children to our stomping ground on the north Florida beaches. We told some fellow campers that we were going to get an Apache and were informed that the Apache was a "cult" camper. I am in the process of getting the camper registered in Florida and could not find the serial number. After consluting your site, I was able to peel off the paint and find the number. Our Ramada is in great shape, probably because my mother and stepfather owned it for years and took good care of it. We are looking forward to a millenium trip to the Keys where we hope we will become stranded with our refurbished Apache due to Y2K problems."  R. Abernathy  

8/19/99 "About four years ago I purchased a 1969 Apache Eagle for $250.00 in fair shape. Being a sufferer of the dreaded Tim Allen disease,(can't leave well enough alone), I had to fix it up. --- New custom canvas with a "picture window", an entry DOOR instead of that #$&#@ zipper to get in and out, all new cushions, a dinette AND Galley, freestanding sink, all new electrical with outlets, overhead lighting, integrated hooks to hold the roofs up when opened, new weather strip that doesn't leak, paneling, a cargo trunk, all new hardware, carpeting, custom awning, many other small engineering improvements, and about $2,500 dollars later it was finally finished last year. I am now the proud (can't you tell?), owner of a "1999 Apache Eagle II" (Thought they stopped making them in "87 hmmmm....) ..."

10/11/99 ". . . I've been camping in a hard sided popup for 25 years. Would not go any other way."

11/5/99 ". . . I thought I'd tell you how the 77 Cimmaron is getting along. Took the wife and kids on a 28 day 6800 mile trip from sea to shining sea as they say. Neptune beach fl to Coronado CA.  Everywhere we stopped to camp for the night (about every 280 miles) people came over just to see what in the world we were putting up. A great time I'll elaborate more later. Got back in time for the hurricane floyd  to throw a ten foot section of pine tree through the roof of my Apache. RATS! Just when you think you have everything like you want it...... Think this was the end of the Cimmaron.. NOT! I've had a heck of a time fixing the roof but it is back to waterproof again. Let you know more later."  JOHN KENNEDY

11/7/99 "Hello! We were so surprised and pleased to find an Apache page. Last year we were looking for an inexpensive little tent trailer for a vacation trip to California. We called on one that was out of our price range, but sounded interesting. Having never heard of an Apache, or knowing what they were, when we talked to the owner, we asked how the canvas was. He told us there was no canvas. At first we thought he meant the trailer needed all new canvas, so we ended the call, but then we realized that couldn't be right and called back. Needless to say, when we went to look at it, we found our new little vacation home in the darndest thing we had ever seen or thought of. We are now the proud owners of a 1973 Mesa and we think it is the best deal we ever got. At the time, we researched what we could on the net and found only one address for parts- the Camp Trailer Parts Company. They were very helpful, but didn't have a lot of info on the Apaches. We finally gave up. Occasionally we would see one in a campground, but not very often! What a treat to find this site, and know that others are as crazy about their trailers as we are. Thank you! " - Rich & Laura Kier, Lebanon, OR

11/28/99 "Our family has used the camper ('78 Ranger) for about 10 years now and love it..."

12/27/99 "Thank you for rescuing me from what would have been bad decision to purchase a new (brand X) pop up. After the sticker shock, I remember seeing Apache Campers in Popular Mechanics as a kid. They weren't canvas, they had hard sides. With the help of a net search I found Your site. I am now the proud owner of a '78 Cimmeron..."   Paul

1/15/00 "... I have been camping in an Apache almost my whole life. Dad bought one new in '74 (hard side). It's been past around the whole family since. I finally found one now that I can call mine. A friend was throwing away a trailer, he asked if I was interested, I said of course. When I went to look, it was an Apache. It needed new hinges. I picked some up and WOW! I have my own Apache. I have found your site to be very helpful. I stop by often..." Bob Merry, CT.

2/12/00 "... I would like to say what a great site this is. It has helped me a lot. Just a tip: When removing the lug bolts on my 77 today, I couldn't help notice that the left bolts were "left turned bolts and the right bolts were right turned bolts". The head of the bolts were marked L & R. Its been a long time since I removed a wheel with lug bolts like that. It would be very easy for a strong man to twist the left ones off before realizing the mistake. As you have guessed, this nice weather has me camping fever. I am in the middle of a renovation job on this camper. Never remember seeing one like this till last month when I up and bought this one. I thought it was so neat the way it went together, just like a box, snapping together. I have got it all apart, repacked the bearings, needs a tire, one gear box was broken, has a crack in one panel over the bed, broken windows, and the list goes on. I enjoy working on it tremendously. I have replaced the broken window glass, repaired the gear box, repaced the bolts holding gear boxes on, repaced locks on panels & door , & am in the process of doing my first fiberglass patch. Ordered a living hinge from Bob Cox Camper Sales. And thanks again for all the help." Clyde

2/29/00 "Doug--wanted to let you know that you could remove my ad ...found a '73 Mesa hardside just south of Detroit....needs 1 gear replaced...little patching on the panels...but otherwise in great shape! Just needs a good "bath"!  . . . Special thanks to Harry "River Rat" Klimek..He has been so helpful...sent me ads when he came across Apaches for sale..Thanks Harry and thanks Doug....Thanks for "the Site"--it really has been an inspiration to me!" Jeff Henry

3/5/00 "Hey there...SO GLAD TO SEE YOUR SITE...I have a 1969!!!!! Mesa (III?) from my Dad when we lived in Vermont...just got the camper out and raring to go! Amazingly good shape, but can't find the manual yet. On my way to the RV center to see what I can find...any words on 69's, let me know!! Thanks for your work...Loved the Site!" Donna in Florida

3/6/00 "...We have a 1975 Apache "Royal" that we enjoy very much..." Mitchell & Alice Greensboro, North Carolina

3/13/00 "1st I've got to say I can't believe the luck I have found in finding this site! My father dragged us half-way around the US and back when I was a kid, along with my grandmother, & we did it all in an Apache hardside camper. NOW I want to share the experience with my kids & husband who think roughing it is a Holiday Inn without a pool!..."

3/17/00 "Doug, I sold my little Raven last night. A young couple in Virginia Beach, VA spotted the ad on your site, E-mailed, then phoned me, and bought it. His parents had one when he was a kid and they loved it. He had been looking for one without much hope of finding it in decent condition, but he found a perfect one when he found mine. Thank you so very much for providing this service. We probably would have never gotten together without you. You have made everyone involved very happy: Them because they found just what they were looking for and us because someone is getting it that really wants a Raven and aren't just trying to fit a budget with a rig they know nothing about.   I'm sure it will continue to get the same loving care we gave it for over twenty years." John Weimer

4/2/00 "Dear Doug, we are glad to inform you that we have sold our 77 Apache Ramada, so you can take it off your listing...we had at least a dozen calls and responses. Thank you for such a wonderful website, we truly enjoyed it, and it made our Apache experience un-beatable (my wife cried as the old green girl rolled away behind the new owners). I turned them on to your website so the tradition of the Apaches can continue. Keep up the good work!!!!"

4/9/00 "...I grew up in the Midwest and have many fond memories of camping with our Apache Raven. Like the night we spent in the Black Hills in 1966 when I thought the bull frogs croaking by the lake were some giant snake that was going to eat us all alive in the night (I was about 10 at the time). Or the rainy weekend we spent at Lake Chiwamagan (sp?) in Wisconsin, cozy fire, hot soup, sitting under the awning wishing it would quit raining. Or setting up in the Canadian Rockies at Moraine Lake, absolutely unable to contain my excitement at being in such a magnificent place...."

4/17/00 "I have bought the Apache Royal in NC that is on your website. Now you can take it off your FOR SALE page. Thanks so much for helping us find the camper of our dreams, I have two teenage daughters and they are in love with it so much they are helping me and my wife clean it and are even trying to learn how to sew new curtains to put in it. We pulled it home with our little Kia Sportage and it gave us no problems. Wife said it was a joy to pull and she has never pulled a trailer before. Looks cute together, purple truck with green trailer. Have only had to replace sink faucet. Everything else works great.

4/18/00 "Hi, just a little note to let you know I think your Apache site is excellent. I never thought to look for a web site for our trailer, I thought it was to old and the company probably wasn't around anymore. I bought a 1967-1969 (I'm not sure what year it is) Apache trailer 6 years ago for $1000. At the time I thought it was alot of money to pay but I was tired of sleeping in a tent, but now I feel it was the best $1000 bucks I've spent in a long time. I'll be e-mailing some pictures for the website in the very near future. THANK YOU" Darryn Duncan

4/26/00 "...I just love your web site. I AM a proud owner of two Apache tent trailers, 69 Falcon and a 65 Eagle...once again thank you for the GREAT WEB SITE. Untill I saw your web site, like my self and Apache owners, we were once lost, but now are found thank you very much. Don't forget Apache campers are twenty years ahead of new campers that are built today. Apache camper is number #1 amen."  Luke Dulcimer Kawecki

5/3/00 "Hello! I was so thrilled to find your site. Recently my husband and I purchased a 1976 apache hardside popup. It was kept in a garage and had not been used for many years. It turns out it is in very good condition... We just got back from our first camping trip in it and my husband and I both LOVE it. It is incredibly comfortable..."

5/16/00 "Your website has been wonderful. We could never have gotten our "new" ramada up and running for this camping season without this site. I visit it daily... I really like reading this site. I have purchased two gear boxes, a faucet, door knob, hinge for the sides and really want to purchase some hub caps. Keep up the good work and Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! for this great site."

6/10/00 "Doug, I have, as of yesterday, become the proud owner of an Apache tent trailer of the 1950's. I am not sure of the year, but I think it is a '58 or '59 model. It has oxidized red paint and nice aluminum wraps around the corners (much like the autos of the time). The style reminds me of an old Chevy or Ford body style. This tent trailer is in need of some TLC. The paint is very faded, the mechanics are stiff and resistant, the zippers are falling apart - as well as the some of the green canvas. The cover is very sun-aged and has shrunk to the point that it will not "snap" on to the railings. Fortunately, I work for a sign company, and have the resources to completely restore this old gem. I sew awnings for frames that we build, and am familiar with making patterns for virtually any shape. I can order special materials, such as heavy canvas, zippers, and screening through my company. Plus I have access to a professional painter, who will paint for me, for just the cost of the painting materials! I am basically in heaven at this point. I am very excited to start the restoration, as my family and I plan on using it a lot this summer. I plan to take many before and after photos of this restoration process. If you have any suggestions, or advice, please write to me! "Happy Camping!"                              "Doug, Thanks for your advice. After sending you my letter, I roamed around your website, fantastic! The Apache Raven I have is identical to the first  one (pictured) in the "Photos" section. I believe the guy (from Milwaukee, WI) referred to it as a "Silver Eagle," but I tell you mine is exactly like that picture! I will borrow the digital camera from work and send you some
photos of the "before" stage. Take care. . .   :)"  Scoobz

6/12/00 "We have just purchased a 1972 Apache Yuma and when looking through it we discovered it has the original paperwork with it in almost mint condition, including the manuals and even the warranty for the tires on it from Goodyear. If anyone needs info on this model I am sure it is in this package so they can E-mail me if they need any specs, etc. My e-mail address is john.anderson6@sympatico.ca. The trailer is in good shape , but I guess I will get to know lots more about it as we clean it up and do the minor repairs needed. Thanks for this website. It gave me lots of what to look for when we were buying this unit."
Les Anderson Allenford , Ontario, Canada

7/03/00 "We just bought and refurbished our trailer and are totally in love with Apache camping. This web site is a wonderful addition to our Apache adventure. Thank you." Augustine Garcia

7/12/00 "...It's been interesting seeing the fraternity for this little camper. Folks obviously really enjoy this little thing. We have a family of four - so you can understand the need to find a way to have some inexpensive fun. Camping is a great way to go and so we picked up a '72 for $1000 last year. I have to replace some living hinges this year to keep it in shape, but other than that, it's been a pretty good investment. I spoke with 'old Elmer this week to order the parts. What a gem!! I'm sure you probably had no idea when you started the web site what type of response you would get!!!
I work in the Information Systems field at an Automotive supplier in Detroit, and have been in the IT field for 15 years. It's a rapidly changing environment and the web has certainly enable this type of neat stuff to take place. 10 - 15 years ago, I would have been on my own to find all this stuff out. Your site really saved me loads of valuable time and made it easy for me to locate the info I've needed to make the repairs to my camper. I really enjoy the info - it's very good!!! Thanks again. Hope to chat in the future."  Paul Sissom

7/12/00 "We have decided not to sell our 72 Mesa. We simply can not part with it. Thanks."

7/16/00 "We've owned a '72 Apache Mesa for about 4 years now. It needed a little work when we found it, but nothing too major. This spring we did need to replace the gears, but other then that repairs have been minimal. This past weekend, we saw another hard side Apache for the first time ever. When we talked with the owner, he told us of the web site, and that's how I found you.  I grew up camping most of my life and dearly love it. Our children are having a wonderful time this summer as we have finally gotten serious ourselves. We just love our Apache, but really didn't realize what a gem it was in the camper world. We love your site, thank you so much for providing such a valuable and interesting place for Apache people to share thoughts and experiences." Bill and Sharon Miller, Hanover, Ohio

7/21/00 "The best thing about my '75 Royal is watching other people at the camp ground suddenly stop and watch with amazement as I set it up. Never ceases to flood my heart with joy and pride when this happens, and even better, when they stop and ask about it. Love my camper. Paid a whopping $900 for it and have put about $500 into it, not to mention my sweat and care. Don't know what I would have done without the Apache Website. Thanks!!"  Lowell Paradelas from South Louisiana.

7/21/00 "Hello! I'm sitting here at my computer as the bright (and rarely seen) Northwest sunshine lights up the out of doors. I was actually surfing the web, trying to find pieces to use in repairing my family's Apache or trying to find out what a new camper would cost. I don't know the year, yet, on our Apache, but I do know that it still gets lots of compliments and we get those "where-do-you-buy-those" questions. I do know that it is a pumpkin orange and white hardside and a real treasure. As a child in the 70's, I remember spending weeks every summer living in the Apache. We'd roll into a campsite, pop up the trailer (it was always a challenge to see who could last the longest cranking it up), and be ready for dinner.  It was used for many years, even for a trip from Seattle to the East Coast in '76 for the bicentennial. My favorite story has to do with the color of paint on the outside. Once, while we were camping somewhere in Canada, we encountered bears in the campground. It was too late to move the trailer, so my parents opted to stay. Being a small child, I was terrified that the bears would get us. My dad calmly told me that no bear would dare come near our trailer because our trailer had special "bear-proof" paint. I slept well knowing that no bear could come near our pumpkin orange trailer. Bet you didn't know Apache had that option, did ya?
Our little pumpkin is in need of some work now. It's gone from my parents to me (they switched to a cumbersome, heavy trailer that has to be towed by a HUGE van). The only trouble is that all those summers of camping have taken their toll. The hinges are cracked, a few pieces have broken, and there's a leak on one of the ends. I was debating with myself whether to fix it up or get something new. After reading your site and seeing the pictures, I'm convinced that we're keeping the Apache and fixing her up. I look forward to telling my girls about the special bear-proof paint and seeing them try to crank 'er up. Wish me luck!"   Michelle Bartelheimer  -   Snohomish, WA

7/22/00 "Thank you, thank you, thank you for this terrific site. I found it while searching for some information on our "brand new" Apache - Eagle Eight we just bought. We LOVE our baby and are so appreciative for this terrific web site. It is so informative and enjoyable. I really enjoyed knowing that you have a Roundup 2000 and we would be very interested in going. We're from Ohio so New York or Wisconsin would be great. Thanks again!!!!!!!"  Janet Benson

7/23/00 "In May 2000, we graduated from tent camping to our '75 Apache Mesa. Needless to say, we are in love with "Pop-Pop", as my granddaughter calls. We took a 3,000 mile trip from Baltimore to Kansas and back, and then took a  3,500 mile trip to Prince Edward Island in Canada. And we're planning our third trip of the summer, back to Kansas to see family. My husband stays home to work, and I travel with our four youngest children, who are homeschooled. We are planning next year to take six weeks to see the West..."   Karen H-S, Baltimore, MD

8/2/00 "Doug,  Thanks, your Website is the best!!! I guess I also fit into the "I didn't know about the Apache Camper" category. I had been camping in a smaller Coleman. Then one day it happened, bitten by the Apache Bug. I was doing some work at a house out in the woods where a lot of  equipment was lying around in various states of repair. Then my eyes caught this view of this big orange colored camper. Looked like it had not moved in years, weeds growing all around it and covered in pine needles etc. So I asked the guy if he wanted to part with it, of course the answer was " Hey we use that all the time, its in excellent shape ". I don't even think he knew the name of it. So later on after the job was done and I handed him the bill, he looked at it and  asked if I was interested in buying the trailer. I said "maybe, lets pull it out and take a look at the inside". Well, we had to air up the flats and cut down a small tree that had grown thru the hitch area before we could move it to an area where we could pop the top. We could only lift the top enough to get the door opened. The paperwork was inside, much of it used as bedding for mice. He assured me it was in excellent condition on the inside, because his wife would not camp any other way. Some horse trading later I had it in tow. Once I got it home, I found the handle to lift the top inside, previously using a pair of vice grips, obviously the reason I could only get the top up so far. Broke the crank handle out and up she went. What a mess the inside was, full of dead mice and droppings. Plastic attachment pieces were all broken. Could not have been used in years. Therefore, after spending so much time on the Coleman I was bound to use this Apache as a utility trailer... until I located your website. I have been working on it ever since, replaced the interior wood, countertops, hinges, plexiglass, etc. Needless to say the inspiration came from your website. Thanks again. Will get pictures scanned after completion and maybe see you in the Northeast Spring Roundup next year."  Pete

8/8/00 "...I have recently become the proud parent of a '65 Golden Buffalo. Last weekend, I spent the night at a KOA in Eureka, Mo (down by six flags) and when I pulled in the lot, I saw the glint of a gold camper across the campground. Before I could get the trailer unhitched, the owner of the gold camper had come up to me and said, "Is that a...", to which I replied "It sure is!" There we stood in a campground surrounded by high dollar 5th wheels and motor homes, beaming about our ancient toys. He and his family were camping in a "66 Golden Buffalo that his father-in -law had purchased in '66. I think it was new, but the guy said there was a plastic/vinyl top that the father-in-law made them replace with a canvas top. He also purchased the canvas add-a-room that attached to the front of the camper for added space. You see, the father-in-law was already a very productive father, and the first improvement made to the camper was to remove the entire interior...no icebox, no dinnette, no sink, just to accommodate the collection of kids. My new camping compadre brought his little family over to see my camper because they had never seen an interior before. Now for the sad part of my tale. As it was getting dark, and my new friend had 3 small and extremely tired children, bedtime came early for him. I had to leave early the next morning and was unable to get his name. I only know they are from the Springfield area and I told him of the Apache enthusiast page on the net. He was happy to find there are resources for Apache parts. I only hope that he does what I suggested and post pictures in the website of his Apache with the room addition in place. It was a thrill to meet him, and I'm sorry I got away without a name or e-mail. I'll know better next time."  Kay

8/22/00 "Great site! Keep up the good work.   Because of this site, Apache was the only name I would consider for my next camper purchase..."

8/27/00 "...I am so excited about all the info on Apaches.  I thought we were the only ones trying to keep an old one up and running. It is especially neat for me as I grew up with Apaches.  My dad was the dealer in Memphis Tennessee." Judy Luster

8/29/00 "This is our first Apache, we chose getting a Royal since it seemed like the perfect compromise between weight and function for us. We are still amazed how easy our Sportage pulls it. I hear other people complaining how bad their new campers sway and we have pulled it all over the Southeast without any trouble. . ."

8/31/00 "WOW. This past summer we put our 1977 APACHE Royal up for sale. It is in MINT condition. We had many many people come and look at it , but no takers. I had no idea how rare and valuable these trailers are. After finding this site, I am SO happy we didn't sell it.  I will cherish this trailer forever and will send you some photo's real soon. Thanks for the great site." Gail - Toronto ( Ontario ( Canada )

9/19/00 "They'll only get my Apache from me when they pry it off my hitch ball. I think you'll find most Apache owners the same....You can fix the appliances, recover the cushions, I even changed the paneling in mine. Join the team!"  Neal

11/13/00 "...It's been a lot of fun reading through all the information and stories on the Apache Camper site.  Actually, finding all that positive energy helped me make my decision to buy one.  It was really out of the blue when I took a quick look in the local paper and found it right at the top:  "APACHE POP-UP CAMPER $200.00 - NEEDS WORK"  A little searching turned up your site and the rest is history...I thank you for your dedication and efforts on the web site for all of us Apache owners - old and new." Keith - Olathe, KS

11/19/00 "Several years ago we were privileged to purchase a 1975 Ramada Apache camper.  At that time we had no idea how fortunate we were.  We were just buying a "camper".  We made a decision to sell it after several years of family camping adventures.  The family had grown up and we thought there would be more room in a larger camper.  This did not prove to be true. When the beds were all out we did not have enough room to turn around. We routinely had six of us camping together.    We sold that Apache in 1990.  The kids have all grown up and now it is just the two of us. Believe it or not we were fortunate enough to buy the same camper back again this year at a bargain price.  The camper was not in the mint condition on our 2nd acquisition as it was on our 1st.  We are now in the process of restoring to original condition as near as is possible.  We are looking forward to next spring when we can again enjoy camping in this engineering marvel.   The seller had also informed us of the Apache web site and we love it !  It's good to be a part of such a dedicated group.  We live in Dahlonega Georgia and recently read a message from another Apache owner just a few miles down the road in Dawsonville, Georgia.  We would like to hear from them or anyone else in this area. Our E-mail address is:   mizeplace@juno.com.   THANKS.  The Mizes

12/17/00 "Hi. Doug!  We are proud owners of a 1976 Apache Ramada, that we are currently living in (well I mean sleeping in). We are living with my elderly mother, but there isn't enough beds in the house so we are adding on to the home and sleeping in the camper.  Well, it is winter time in NW Arkansas mid December and boy, have we had some cold weather.  Fortunately we have our camper...I find it to be really comfortable sleeping out there and I absolutely LOVE our Apache.  Heck we put a TV out there ran a cable line to it..." Thanks, Michelle

01/09/01 "I am the proud owner of two great Apaches, a 1967 Raven and a 1977 Ramada. I have owned an Apache for at least 25 years and think the design and fixability of these units is second to none, as is the character of Ole' Elmer, over in Lapeer Mich. In the works is a big "Apache+ Roundup 2001", up in  southern Ontario, at my hometown, Norwich. Come and join us July 6th and July 7th for a weekend of fun. As wells as an Apache Pop-Up " show and shine", there will be a Road Rebels "car show" and 1812 War "re-enactment" by the King's Royal Rangers. There will be a host of other activities including a "toy and collectable sale" and a "flea market", just to mention a few. The whole town will be turning out to welcome you. More info is soon to come." Sincerely Les.Ferris E-MAIL- ferris_les@hotmail.com

01/25/01 "Hello, my name is Will Kinnison.  I'm 20 and I live in Victoria (Coastal) Texas.  I figured you would love to hear this story.  I was recently GIVEN a 1971 Apache Ramada.  IN GREAT condition!  complete with the plastic awnings.   It belonged to some friends of mine who said that I could have the "old thing" if I would just come get it out of their yard.  The tires were flat, the wheels and tongue were rusted, and the original orange paint was HEAVILY oxidized.  Thy said it had just been sitting there wasting away for 5 YEARS!!!  It took about 5 trips up and down to get the top loosened back up, but the bearing in the wheels, the tongue jack and the trailer wiring is all in perfect condition.  I am so excited about getting this going again.  It needs to be thoroughly cleaned inside, and the plumbing needs to be repaired.  The electrical system is all messed up, and one of the telescopes doesn't go all the way up.  I am into car restoration, and this is going to be a great project for me.  I plan on taking pictures the entire time, and I will keep you posted.  I am currently trying to figure out why the one telescope won't fully extend...if you have any suggestions...please let me know.   THANKS!!!"

01/31/01 "...I first found your site in November, when something inside me snapped at the condition our Apache Ramada was in after numerous years of a messed-up road cover and little maintenance.  I decided to restore our old girl to mint (or as close to mint as possible) condition.  I'm probably about 80% done with my project, and now I hope to be a resource and inspiration to others when they want to do the same to their Apache.  That's part of the reason I started a photopoint.com photo album, to have something to show for all my progress and hard work I've put into our old girl.  When I saw Gary Burch's album on there, it was the impetus I need to get moving on my project..."

02/02/01 "Thanks for your web site for these wonderfully made campers. They are so much fun to use. This is a 1985 Ranger. Its in great shape. I put the canopy on it and a electric fridge inside. Its pretty much original otherwise. My mother and father bought this camper in Mo., then they bought a travel trailer and sold us this one. We have really enjoyed it here in the deep south in Mississippi..."

02/03/01 "I love your site.  I fell in love with the Apache 15 years ago.  Former neighbor had one for sale but I was broke.  Now I'm fixed, I'm looking for one... Keep up the good work.  I've told a couple of friends about your site already."

02/03/01 "...we have always regretted selling our 73..."

02/04/01 "...Over the years we have spent many happy hours in our Apache..."

02/05/01 "Thanks for your info. We just purchased a practically brand new 1985 Ramada. It is our very first one, and with a lot of TLC it may be the only one that we will ever need for a while. I am so glad we found your website. My grandparents and uncle used to own Apache's of their own,  I barely remember my grandparents trailer because my parents used it some. I'll have to send you some old pictures of it. My grandfather can't remember what year it was, but it was an orange Ramada (we think). It must have been a 73' to a 76', he's not sure. They are by far the best pop up design I have ever seen. My dad and I can't figure out why a company hasn't started making them again, as they were years ahead for their time.  The legend lives on as long as young campers like me still remember those great trailers their grandparents had, and find themselves one of their own. ( I'm only 25 so I can still remember ours a little) Thanks for providing a needed service, Justin and Jessica Payne.  P.S. this is our first camper of our own."

02/18/01 "My father had recently purchased a large fifth wheel trailer and wanted my wife and I to start going camping. He found a '70 mesa at an RV dealership (I don't know how it got there) for $400. It still had a license plate on it from 1970! We opened it up at the dealer and it was unreal. This was the first time I had seen anything like this and I was hooked! My wife and I cleaned it and went camping the next weekend and it performed flawlessly. I plan to install an A/C unit this spring and build a bigger cabinet. This is the most fun I have ever had camping!"

02/27/01 "Hi, I have owned an Apache camper since the late 70's. The one in this picture( the 17th in "Apache Pictures") is just like the one I have now! Same color and everything! It is a 1972 Ramada that sleeps 8. I love my camper." Butterfly

02/27/01 "Hi. I enjoy your Apache web site. As a kid, we camped in a Bethany tent trailer. I always thought that Apache trailers were neat pop-up campers..."

03/01/01 " I bought a '75 Ramada last year for 250.00 . What a mess. The inside is perfect but it would only open 1/4 of the way because 2 chains were broken inside. Thanks to all these letters and links we were able to remake the chains with parts of a mesa that we had. Now the trailer opens all the way. It is so beautiful, it means a million dollars to me. All we need now is to put 2 new bed end caps on and we're done. Thanks for all the letters on your site." Lucy-windsor, Ontario  Canada

03/13/01 "Thank you for this web site. My parents and I were about to give up on restoring their 75 Apache Royal. It is in excellent condition... My family and I had a lot of good memories camping in our Apache. We were military- so we traveled a lot. Now my Husband and daughter and I would like to start our memories. We hopefully will have the camper up and ready to use by the beginning of summer. Thank you for keeping the spirit of the Apache camper alive"

03/17/01 "...Thank you so much for this free service. As it turned out, a gentleman from Florida drove all the way up to Michigan to purchase our camper this morning.  He loved it and everyone left happy and with new friends. Thanks again!"

03/21/01 "...you're so right about the hard side, there's no comparison."

03/21/01 " Please keep me posted on the website.  I happen to know the man that was responsible for most of the design concepts, and manufacture, of all the Apache lines, from tents to motor homes.  He's my father, and he spent most of his working life at Vesley in Lapeer.  Started as a designer there and ended up VP of Manufacturing.  He's the one that came up with the idea of the pop-out stove, hard top pop-up, the boat shaped fiberglass top and a whole bunch of other stuff.  My family got to try out all the prototypes and my brother and I spent a lot of great summers "testing" them. He's retired now, but I think he'd get a kick out of seeing a site devoted to a period of his life that he remembers very fondly.  I'll pass your e-mail address on to him....but I'll warn you, it's hard to get him off the golf course! PS.  I'll check to see if he has any of the original manuals or other documentation around.  I remember seeing a bunch of the original ad campaign photo spreads in a portfolio in the basement.... you never know what else he might have kept.  If you might be interested in anything like that, let me know." Julie  - Baltimore, MD

03/28/01 "In 1969 I bought new an Apache Ramada, I have had it parked in my back yard some 20 years, out of service. Now I would like to take my grandchildren camping to share the fun my three children had when they were growing up. I just contacted Ole' Elmer and he was so nice and informative, I plan on restoring my camper early this spring..." Charles & Mary, Rome GA

03/31/01 "My name is: Luis A. Hernandez V. I have an Apache Mesa, I don't know the date of manufacturing. I live in San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America. telf. no. (506) 226-68-54 or (506) 227-19-64. Is a great pleasure for me be a part of this group."

04/10/01 "Hi, I own a 1974 Apache Royal in Amsterdam New York... I've owned it for 4 years now and I love it! its been all through the Adirondacks and I've even taken it south to Amish country in Penn. and into Virginia camping . I've enjoyed reading other campers stories on your site and its great to know such a site exists! Take care and happy camping..."

04/23/01 "Dear Doug: You've made our day!!!  My husband and myself, after years of  being soaked through during tent camping decided enough was enough.  I wanted to buy a camper!  We looked at many new and used ones,  then just by accident (or kismet) a neighbor down the block had a camper for sale in his driveway.  Well, I decided to take a walk over and take a look.  My first impression of this camper was mediocre to say the least. It was a funny green color outside and a retro 70's brown and orange on the inside.  After talking to the original owners for a while it started to grow on me. So, for 1500.00 My husband and I got a MINT condition 1977 Apache Ramada! I was tickled pink!  We brought it home, parked it in the driveway and started to add our own little personalization to it. (we even named it the "Millane's Ramada Inn") I couldn't wait to take it out and use it.  The weekend that we finally got to use it, it POURED BUCKETS! But we didn't have a speck of water on the inside (YEEHA!) My husband and I laughed the entire time and took pity on the people in not only the tents but in the pop-ups with canvas sides.  The only bad thing that has happened to our "baby" so far is that on our first trip the vent cover blow off somewhere down the highway.  I wasn't sure if we'd ever be able to find a replacement part for it.  Imagine my surprise and utter delight when I came across your website.  I found the piece we needed and are going to ask Ole' Elmer to ship one to us. Again, thank you for this wonderfully easy and uncomplicated website. Keep up the great work."
Leslie and Paul Millane - Brown Deer, Wisconsin

05/08/01 "Hi, Love the Apache website! We are going to camp for two weeks this summer (if we get the Ramada finished) through Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. We have a `74 Apache Ramada. Redoing all the living hinge, windows, curtains and cushion covers...."

05/13/01 "Good evening I would like to be added to your list of proud owners of these wonderful trailers..."

05/14/01 " Hi Doug, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you have a great website!! I sold my camper by posting it on your site and Boy! do I miss the old girl. I come back to your site quite often just to see whats going on. Also in reading about all the different models I have never come across one that I sold. It was Apache Falcon ( soft top ), I think it was a 1965 or 1968 ? I'm think I sold the last of it's kind. Anyway it served us well for many years until we finally out grew it, but we will always have the memories of our faithful and rugged APACHE CAMPER. Thanks for being there, Bob B."

05/17/01 "...love our Apache."

05/22/01 "Hi Doug! We are the proud owners of a '75 Royal!  Getting ready for the season ahead! I just cleaned it tonight!!  We've bought it 2 years ago.  WE LOVE IT!! The previous owner had recently gotten married and a new camper came with the wife.  Why they ever wanted to sell the Apache is beyond me but it was their loss . . . our gain!!  My husband and daughter had looked at it during the summer but the price was high.  The owner didn't sell it and packed her up behind his garage.  My husband kept driving past (it was only a mile up the road from us) and decided to stop & make an offer.  This was in December.  Come to find out, the owner's wife & I used bowl together in a ladies league! The owner said, Bring your wife up and we'll set it up for you.  Luckily, it hadn't snowed yet and we could still get to it.  I couldn't believe how big it was inside and how easy it was to setup!  We decided to buy it on the spot!  As soon as it was warm enough (May), we set it up in the driveway, cleaned it and the whole family slept it that night.  We love pulling into the camping area, setting up in no time then relaxing while our friends are putting up their tents!  We keep everything in it all summer--we don't have to constantly pack!  We are always warm & dry!  Our kids love it too! 
Thanks to your website my husband & I have learned some neat things on how to either fix or enhance our little camper.  We've replaced the living hinge, fixed the lights/wiring harness, painted the ceiling & trailer hitch & tongue, learned why we had a leak (we didn't have the tabs on the bed roofs in properly) and will be making new curtains & slipcovers soon.  We have a few small cracks to fix near the bed windows.  We're thinking about painting the exterior.  It was the avocado green but a previous owner painted it dirt brown (inside & out).  The couch cushions look brand new but I want to cover them to keep them that way especially with 2 kids! We recently went to a RV/Camper show.  The one thing we both agreed on was that we have to maintain & improve our 1975 Apache Royale because the new campers are pretty flashy but aren't gonna' last a long as our Apache!!! Keep up the good work!!"  Dina   >^..^<

05/28/01 "I now have a new respect for my Apache. This Memorial Day Weekend I know is not over yet but do I have a story to tell you. It has been rainy and a few storms have gone through for about the past week. But we wanted to try out our '76 Ramada for the first time. We took it to a lake in central Illinois. Saturday it stormed a few times but for the most part it was just rainy and windy with about 20-30 mph winds. Our awning held up real good - it flopped a little but not much. We found only a very small water leak that can be fixed with no problem. While my husband and I went out for a drive around the camp ground to get new ideas about our camp site and more things we should bring next time, there was a massive storm that went through that caught everyone by surprise. The rain was just about horizontal and the wind picked up to 50 to 60 mph. We rushed back from the other side of the lake to get to our camper because the awning was still up and we were not sure how the camper in general would hold up. On our way back we were really getting scared as there were awnings ripped off campers and ripped in half. Awnings were ripped everywhere we looked as we pulled up to our camper, but there she stood, our Apache with close to if not original awning intact, no damage we could see. My parents were camped next to us and told us that she held it all together like a champ. When others were ripped and tore to pieces ours held strong. The roof did lift a small bit but no water got in the camper and no damage at all to the awning. So I can now say I was very happy we bought our Apache. We were only going to keep it for a few years till we could get a newer camper but after this camp out I have a new respect for it and we will be keeping it for quite some time in the future. In awe of our Apache, The Carmain's"

05/29/01 "Thought you might like to hear from a new Apache owner. I am 46 and started riding mountain bike few years ago. I don't compete just enjoy the ride. I do like to ride good trails. Last year decided to "camp" for four days at state park that has thirteen miles of trails about forty miles from "home" [grand rapids ,mi]. bought 10x18 ft tent, and basic camping gear [folding lounge chairs,13 in tv/vcr,120/12volt converter, inflatable couch,10x10 canopy,12 volt lights for under canopy and in tent, and inflatable mattress]. As you can guess I don't think camping means roughing it. Everything was great and low and behold turns out my wife [Diana]  love's "camping Dan style". Only two problems 1.I wound up with so much gear that Ranger pickup was'nt up to hauling all of it, so had to take wife's Thunderbird also. 2.With all the comforts of home with it took almost four hours to set up. This year I told Diana I'm not going unless I have camper [bluffing!!!].
So last couple weeks been looking in paper and asking around. Not much luck everything I called on was sold. Finally got up early Saturday to check paper. Found ad for 1970 Apache camper $595,call after 5pm. Well figured it meant weekdays so waited until 10:00am and called. Man I talked to said was in pretty good shape and had plastic walls front and back. This was the first time it hit me that Apache was those campers I used to see back in early 70s that had walls !! We agreed on a time for me to come see it in about three hours. I jumped in Di's t-bird and went on a search for campers that I had heard about or maybe get lucky and run into something. Mostly I couldn't just sit and wait for three hours as the more I thought about those Apache campers I say years ago the more I really wanted walls!!!!! I really didn't want to buy the first thing I looked at, so I drove around looking for two hours. Didn't find one camper for sale. Well I finally gave up and showed up at the guys house 1/2 hour early. We went out to his pole barn [walking past his newer Jayco]. As soon as I say it I knew I was buying it!!!!  It's a 1970 Mesa III, pretty good shape outside, canvas will be replaced by next year but for this year I'll patch it up somehow [I love to fix things]. I've had it less than 48 hours and its almost gutted. I didn't mention that it will never be the same as my plans are not to restore but to remodel. I have removed the "kitchen" , half the dinette and the table permanently will replace door side seat from dinette .Except I used bottom half of "kitchen" under seat to get doors for access under seat. Looks like potty should fit behind big doors, rest for storage. Next will be to make walls in bottom of camper . Then build cabinet over other wheel well. Remove avocado countertop on cabinet behind door and small cabinet next to seat. This will be replaced with wooden top made from table. Then will carpet floor and walls up to bunk slide with low pile carpet. this will then give me what I want which is a living room feel to it. I do all cooking outside on tailgate of pickup which will be under canopy. Inside I will use a small lamp for light, also have two inflatable chairs and tv/vcr for living room. I love my bike and my wife loves to hike but at night we want to go "home" and relax just don't want to drive 50 miles to get there. This much will be ready in 3 weeks for first long weekend. After that will be looking into a/c before it gets too hot. Need that to relax in during midday heat will hike/bike early/late.  Well this is getting long but can't help myself just need to tell someone about my new weekend retreat on wheels. Oh yeah I got the camper for $550 and he threw in a 100 foot cord, wheel chocks, a 4ftx6ft outdoor carpet for under [canopy came with], electric heater, and odds and ends. Also has two very good tires on it and a brand new spare. I have been taking pictures and will be glad to share!! I have digital camera and scanner so can send pictures of it as it [must find name for her !!] progresses. I work second shift and will be working on her before work and checking Apache site for info and help as needed at night. I must stop now sleep is needed even when you get old but I'm like little kid with new toy too excited to sleep! Just one more thing as you can tell from screen name I am proud granpa to 2year old baby girl. Already got plans to have them over for a stay. It will work well for now as son/daughter-in-law will sleep in other end bunk and grand girl will have her own pint size bunk. By time she out grows it will have kids convinced to get own "weekend home". enough for now!"   granpadn@aol

05/28/01 "We have a 79 Ramada, and just this last weekend, we where going to sell it, but changed our minds real fast. Actually, the unit has been outside, up, for about 13 years.  We decided to wash it and we couldn’t believe our eyes.   It almost looks brand new.  There were a few cracks in the ABS but I was able to repair them with know problem.  Years ago we tore out the paneling and put in leather over foam.  Made it cozier inside!  We put in a 32 gal. water tank on the outside  and did a lot of redesigning of the unit to make it better.  We have hatch lights, 12-volt receptacles, raised the unit higher to go over rough terrain, and so on and so on. There just seems to be no limit on what you can do. Anyway we are putting her back into tip top shape and hope to hit the road soon to our favorite camp ground.Thanks For Listening." Don San Jose, Ca

06/01/01 "It's always a pleasure to meet other Apache owners. We bought our '76 Ramada the minute we laid eyes on it. Didn't even try to talk down the price. We had no idea what we were getting into. First time out, we took it to Bodega Dunes for an overnite. As luck would have it, the winds reached upwards of 35mph that night. In the morning the Apache was coated with sand and dead bugs, but we were snug and cozy all night. It was a little drafty, to be sure, but we handled that by rolling up newspapers and sliding them in around the door and other air leaks. That night the Apache transformed itself from 'an old camper' to 'a vintage camper'. Now we are 'restoring' it, but giving it a more current 'vintage' look. Gave it a new paint job, installing mini-blinds, that kind of stuff. What a blast! Anyway look forward to chatting anytime with any Apache owners out there about these vintage gems of ours."

06/07/01 "Spectacular web site! I'm restoring/remodeling a '76 Ramada and your site and links are invaluable and encouraging. It helped me to realize what I was working with and that I wasn't off course on my project...Please keep up the good work!"

07/08/01 "We are Mike and Bonnie Pacuta and Family (3 kids) from St. Clair Beach, Ontario and are the proud owners of a 1979 Ramada....We just came home from a very wonderful 1st Canadian Roundup in Norwich, Ontario, a superb event organized by Mr. Les Ferris.  We have made many new friends from Brantford, Ont., Florida, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ont., Michigan (including Ole and Mrs. Elmer), Norwich, Ont., Oakville, Ont. and Wisconsin.  An excellent time was had by all 11 camping families in attendance and we cannot wait until the planned U.S. National Roundup in Michigan next summer.  Bonnie and I are proud to be counted among our friends within the Apache family."


07/24/01 "Thanks for your great website.  My folks had an Apache Ramada, when I was a kid. I wish they had not sold it, years ago. I want one for my children. Thank you in advance for putting in my wanted ad..."

07/28/01 "While searching for another item, I came across the Apache camper web site and was amazed to find so many people who felt the same as I did when I purchased our 1978 Apache Ramada.  These solid state campers truly are an engineering marvel..."

08/01/01 "My husband & I purchased a 1973 used Apache/Mesa camper from our former pastor. So far we have only traveled around places in North Carolina. We had to do some maintenance and upkeep for it, but we have enjoyed tremendously."

08/01/01 "I have a 1973 Apache Mesa In pristine condition...My father bought the Mesa new...Enjoy your site, I love the Apache trailers and the passion people have for them.  If my father were around, (he passed five years ago), would be a encyclopedia of knowledge on our Mesa, and would be very proud of this website!  If there is anything I can help on, please let me know.  Thank you."

08/14/01 "Your site is a life saver! I have what I think is a '77 Cimarron. After spending most of the day taking apart my camper, only to get more frustrated, I found your site. What a blessing. I now have the broken chain laying in the yard. The gear box is questionable. Tomorrow I will order parts, Thank You!... As for fun in the camper, it likes the Florida Keys and any where else I take it. I can relate to you and your parents. I am raising 4 children on camping and only wish we could increase our trips from about 6 a year to 12. Thanks again..."

08/15/01 "...People are just amazed when they see the trailer. It's kind of fun. Thanks again. Greg T. in Az."

08/17/01 "Hello, What a great site!!! I was looking to purchase a Pop up a couple days ago and started searching the web looking at classifieds and auction sites.  I found a couple of the run of the mill canvas pop ups but nothing that really caught my eye. Then I stumbled across your site. As soon as I started reading all the positive feed back and saw all the PICS I was hooked and immediately started writing all the classified ads within 300 miles of me. 1 of them was about a 1/2 hour from our house and included a phone number :) so I called. After talking to the orig. owner I found out that this was a 1985 Ramada used around 20 times and in GREAT Condition!!! I packed up the kids (Tiffany 10 and Stephanie 7) and headed out to check it out. When I got there it seemed to be in GREAT condition like I was told and the Owner had all the orig. paper work. The kids loved. We have owned pop ups in the past but this one was different and had tons of room. Needless to say we bought it on the spot!!! Any way I just wanted to say thanks for a great site and thanks for helping us find the kind of pop up we always wanted.... I will be picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait!!!!!"

08/21/01 "Thank you for this great web page!  I have had an Apache Cimerron 1975?) for about 7 years.  I bought it in January when the temp was about -15.  As soon as it went up I fell in love with it.  We take our 3 kids everywhere in it and they love it.  Last week we went out and the front left side stuck and then a big bang.... I took the gear box off (it was kinda bent up) and the lifting gear fell out in three pieces.  Well I thought that was it for my old favourit.  Just in case I checked the internet and thanks to your site I have ordered a new lifter (and some other odds and ends).  I also now know that I am not alone and there are other krazy Apache owners out there.  We are off camping next week....."

08/22/01 "Hi Doug - I found your site and researched the Apache before buying one, I got a 1972 Ramada at an estate auction for $450.00 cdn, it needs some renovating,  I don't think I would have bought it without first seeing your great site!! keep up the good work. Long live the Apache!"

08/22/01"...Purchased ('73 Ramada) in '95.  Restored and  used a lot!  Great piece of history, proud to own one!..."08/24/01 "I / We have been lurking on your site for about six months now, and decided its about time to register!!  Thank you so much for providing so much info on these wonderful campers!!  We have a '79 Mesa that we bought for $500 about 6 months ago.  It was in pretty rough shape, but after we saw your page and all the how-to's and helpful info, we had to go buy it!!  We've restored a lot of it, but have a little ways to go.  We've had it out 5 times this year and haven't had a leak yet!!..." 09/08/01 "My parents bought their 1959 trailer in 1968 for $175.  they purchased it from an rv rental company.  They rented it for several years prior to buying.  Each time returning from their trip my dad always said he would never rent it again, well, now its been in the family for all these years.  My dad widened from original 48 inches to 54 inches by removing sides with doors and adding a 3" strip on each side to become standard double bed size, also had a new canvas made to accommodate the new size.  the trailer has been towed all over the western states, thru 4 kids, 3 grandkids.  This trailer has been used continuously from 1968 thru 1995 when a Starcraft was purchased, fun making room in garage for 2 trailers.  Have seriously considered selling the Starcraft to get back to basics with the Apache." Big Al and Nancy

09/12/01 "Hi there! I just bought that ' 74 Mesa Apache pop-up camp trailer and proud of it...It might be a bit heavy compared to other brand, but you can see the difference of quality made, I mean it's still like new, no tarp or canvas would last that long, that's for sure. Anyways, this is a real nice web site and that's why it's a pleasure for me to register today. Like we say in French; BRAVO!. I'd like to say hi to all owners that knows what I'm talking about.... Thank you!" From Brigham, Québec. Chico.

10/03/01 "...I'm the third owner of this huge retro canvas pop-up (1969 Ramada). I purchased it for $400CAN and spent about $600CAN (so far) fixing it up. It has a whole new inside and next year we plan to replace the canvas..."

10/30/01 "Dear Doug- Thanks for your help, the Apache's gone, kinda. After browsing your site, (which was very informative BTW), I was really having 2nd thoughts about getting rid of the trailer. But I was up against a no-place-to-store-it wall (and an angry wife). My solution came in the form of my wife's cousin, who, after also checking out your site, thought that trailer-ing might be an enjoyable pastime for him and his family. Since he has a huge garage to store it in, I gave it to him. And he has offered that we may borrow it whenever we feel the urge. Happy campers (literally) all around. Thanks again, Bill."

11/08/01 "...I have a 1974 Apache Royal that I have had for close to 15 years and it has been a faithful unit to me. I had been thinking about getting rid of it but after finding your web site I am having second thoughts..."

11/16/01 "Hello...We have had our Apache Ramada camper since 1968.  Bought it new here in Monroe and use it about once a year.  I was looking around on my computer and found this site.  I got excited and glad to find folks that still own the Apache Camper.  We love ours.  Still looks almost new.  Please list us on the Apache Register..."

11/25/01 "This site is great.  I purchased a 63 eagle over the summer.  I was very skeptical about the age of the camper but the people kept it in great shape.  Buying this camper was one of the best decisions I have made.  My friends who have a 78 shasta of some sort are very jealous of how roomy and open it is.  I love my apache and are hoping to get some repairs done over the winter on the zipper and screens."

12/10/01 "Hi there, My husband and I bought a 1976 Apache Royal two years ago and we love it. We are from Southgate MI...We love your website and visit it often.  It's nice to see that there are so many people who own these great little pop-ups.  Ours is in near perfect condition, although the original upholstery is going to be replaced this summer.  Thanks for putting together such a great site we really enjoy it!!!"

12/18/01 "Some how or another I stumbled on to your webpage while looking for the standard canvas style popups and have now sat here for almost half the day reading about the wonderful campers and the people who are just nuts about them . I have concluded that I now do not want a newer trailer and have put out many feelers to purchase an apache popup . I wanted to sincerely thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this website, you have done an incredible job and it has made me feel better today to have enjoyed it . I am also reminded of a quote out of the bible that pertains to your efforts that reads " just as steel sharpens steel so can one man another '' . Thanks for  todays sharpening . Sincerely, Brett..."

01/12/02 "Dear Doug: This is the most fun and  informative website I've seen in a long time. I came across it by chance when looking for info about  Apache campers. I saw an ad for an Apache camper for sale in town (Belleville, Ontario, Canada), and remembered them from my early childhood camping days with the folks. In your questions section, I asked about what to look for when considering an Apache purchase. I got immediate feedback from all over the U.S. (thanks Mark Perry!) and even an owner nearby (thanks Ron Dempster!). This info was helpful and I am now an Apache owner! I have a lot of work to do-First to find the model through the serial no., license and insure it, and with help from the website and the Apache Camping Centre in Toronto, some parts for restoration. I will keep in touch and relate info on my progress so I can hopefully help others with info and advice. Keep up the good work, and please let me know if I can be of service to you here in Ontario. Sincerely, Chris Taylor

01/26/02 "I really enjoy my Apache. One of the best investments in recreation I have ever made. I always look forward to my next use of it..."

01/31/02 " Hi Doug! My name is Tina. I got married over this past summer (eloped) and for our little honeymoon I took my husband up to Devil's Lake (WI). He grew up in Downer's Grove and had really rotten memories of being sent away to "camp" so when I described my family's tradition of camping @ Devil's Lake, he had no idea of what the heck a pop-up was. I am happy to say that he was blown away by all the campers and families--we just made reservations to go camping for 2 weeks up there. I'm from a family of 10 kids, and in 1966 my mom and dad rented an Apache pop-up from a place in Mendota, IL and liked it soooo much that in '67 they bought the biggest Apache they could afford. I think it was a Chief, but I'm not sure. My dad sold the camper in the late 80's/early 90's, to a guy who opened it up (without the canvas) at swap meets and sold his "stuff" out of it! That was a heartbreaker, considering it had been in our family for at least 20 years. (There was a huge patch of dead grass in our back yard for at least one year after it was gone.) I think I'll give the guy a call to see if I can buy it back! Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm relieved to find a site dedicated to a camper that I have fond, fond memories of and am looking forward to continuing the family tradition of Pop-up camping @ Devil's Lake. (Wish me luck on getting my camper back!) Thanks!" Tina and Dave Bruce

02/09/02 "Hey Doug (aka.."Chief of the Apache Nation!) You have truly developed a most informative website on these wonderful campers...I continue to be inspired by the work that you and many others have contributed in making this site what it is....HATS OFF!! Please add my family to the register and thanks again!"

02/12/02 "... Thanks for the wonderful stories and encouraging words of restoration - it makes me believe that the $200 we just invested for our very first camper was quite possibly the best investment we've ever made...Thanks again for all the useful information on the website. May God bless you today and every day!"

02/22/02 "I just happened to check out the museum brochure section to try to date a certain apache tent-trailer. This is all new info giving an excellent account of 'Apache history'. If you are looking for a little camper history this is super. Thanks again Doug, because of you we have a neat web site that is second to none. Apache is number#1."

03/05/02 "Hello Doug, My name is Mike and I am the new owner of a '75 Apache Ramada and are in the fixer-up stage (not too much has too be done except a lot of cleaning)...This is our second pop-up, our first was a '79 Coleman, but by far the Apache is a better pop-up. Your site is a great source of information and I do appreciate you taking the time to put it together as it was the first thing that I looked at after we got the camper home. I had no idea that Apache had gone out of business and was relieved to find a site for a source of getting parts and info.. We are looking forward to our first camping trip in it in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Mike"

04/02/02 "I formerly had an old Apache Ramada camper and we loved it! However, as kids got to teen years and we stopped going camping we finally gave up and sold it. Now, my wife and I would love to camp again and have not found any campers out there now we like as well as our old Apache..."

04/14/02 "My husband and I just bought an Apache Roamer last summer and we  fell in love with it right away.  We paid $500 for it and though what a great deal.  Thought it is in fair condition it has been well loved and used.  I was surfing to see if I could any information on it and how to repair it ourselves.  I never thought I would find the perfect web site.  I cannot believe what a real treasure we have found.  This summer with the help of our boys, and your web site we are hoping to restore it to its former glory days and hope to enjoy it for years to come. We were unsure weather to put the money into it or let it go and start fresh.  You have renewed our faith that we did pick up the perfect trailer. Thank you,  Karen"

04/16/02 "Hey I just wanted to say this is a great site. I just bought an Apache Royal and it was the first popup I had ever see that was a solid state. Thanks to your site because I probably would not have bought it without all the info that you have made available. I am glad I did because with just a little work I have a one of the neatest campers around.  Thanks, Bobby"

04/23/02 "We bought our camper two years ago and it was the best thing we ever spent our money on...I don't understand why they quit making the Apaches - they are the greatest campers out there, made to last." Mark & Paula

04/30/02 "...Your website has helped us out soooo much. I check it frequently and love it... I love the Apaches!!!"

05/05/02 "...The husband wasn't so sure that he was going to like the whole "trailer" thing, but on our very first trip after we weathered out a torrential rain storm in the Sequoia National Park, CA he quickly changed his tune. Our friends in a 1982 Starcraft with canvas sides...yuck!...thought they had the better trailer, but after 2 days of solid rain, our little trailer was just as snug as a bug in a rug.  The other couple battled drips galore and wasn't even close to being as insulated, sturdy or as cozy as ours!!  He marvels at how light it is to tow and what a great time can be had in "one of those hardsided little tent trailers."  HA!  That trip was the clincher!  The husband was sold!  He now adores our little '73 and is in the process of revamping the lift chain.  With the help of your site and of all those Apache'ers before us, we will keep that little bugger on the road for many years to come!! Thank you for all your time and effort you've put into this remarkable site.  I know that my husband and I appreciate everything you do.  We are now regular visitors!! Thanks again!" April

05/05/02 "...I saw a new $10,000 popup that on its maiden voyage had curtain rods pulling out of its cheap 1/4" paneled walls. The camper weighed over 4,800lbs all tanks empty, and the bed ends were vinyl covered canvas (high quality) but defiantly not $10,000 worth. He had traded his Mesa in because he needed more room. I heard a little remorse in his voice. He had it over 20 years with no repairs. The only advantage he got was a queen size width bed."

05/08/02 "Hello . We don't have any pictures yet...... but we just bought a 1973 Apache Mesa 2 days ago (it was made when I was 3) . We bought it from the original owners. This will be our first year camping in OUR own camper. It needs a woman's touch but that will not take much I will send pictures when we go camping in a couple weeks. I was so excited when I found this website it is great I can't wait until my husband gets home so I can show him. Thank you so much I LOVE the pictures. Thank you again -  Lisa"

05/12/02 'Hello from one of your "northern neighbors" . My family kind of fell into this wonderful little trailer quite by accident. We were tired of sleeping on the ground so we decided to get a camper. My son was coming home from school one day on the bus and he saw this trailer for sale. I knew the people who owned the Mesa and went to visit them. They were very happy to see that someone they knew might be interested in their trailer that they gave me the royal tour right then and there! They even turned down other offers until we made up our minds (it didn't take long, I was hooked when I saw it). He told me it needed minor repairs but didn't think that there were parts available so I would have to "make them".  Thankfully for the information age that we have the internet, one call to Doug and the information on the web site - not only have the repairs been made, the Mesa is still original. The previous owners were unbelievably meticulous with their trailer. It is in perfect running order. Believe it or not I was the FIRST person to use the voltage converter and furnace!!!  I could go on but I have to go and ready the camper for the upcoming season. Don't think we'll make one of the jamboree's this year but maybe next year. Maybe we could help with one "up north" or in Maine/ New Brunswick. Till next time, keep up the good work.    Mike and Darlene Reid"

05/13/02 "My name is Kim Jones and my family and I are the proud new owners of a 1977 Apache Ramada.  We live in Camas, Washington and would love to here from other Washingtonians who love their trailers. My email is kimajshell@aol.com"

05/15/02 "Hello Doug. I am sure you've heard it before but I just wanted to let you know what a great site you have. I feel confident that I can take on nearly any problem I may come across with the recent purchase of a 1978 Apache Ramada...Thanks again for a great site..."


05/21/02 "By the way, in case I haven't mentioned it before, you have one terrific website.  I am a former Apache Eagle owner.  We used it between 1968 and 1975 when we changed to a hard top.  Then we changed to a 16.7' travel trailer and now have a 29' Airstream.  We have lived more than 7 months in this new unit in the last three years.  This includes one 10 week trip, one 3.5 month trip, a two month trip (all in the US) and a variety of shorter journeys in Canada.  I still have a soft spot for Apaches and love dealing with John (Apache Trailer Experts) and his family who are only about 5 minutes from my home.  I've seen them rebuild a number of Apache campers.  People really like to hold on to them."

05/22/02 "I just happened to check on sites about the Apache trailers being as I've been looking for new brakes for ours and came across this one.  I would like to register our 1971 Apache Roamer from Benicia California.  It has been passed down from my Grandparents who bought it new, to my parents, and now to me. It's definitely getting old with a few cracks in the bed sidewalls here and there, but everything still works and is still original. It has always been a part of our family and has been on just about every camping trip taken with no problems (yet).  Thank you."

05/28/02 "...We have a 1976 Apache Royal and we love it for the price and long lasting quality.  I am thrilled that there is a web site for the Apache!  I have seen a few since we have owned ours and it seems like a little cult like club.  :)   The solid state theory is why they are so long lasting..."

05/28/02 "Thank you Doug. My (Apache) quest has begun and I even have my dad in Wash State keeping an eye out. I'm in Georgia. I'll let you know. Thank you for allowing me to use your site. There is, as you well know, a lot of great info available."

05/29/02 "Hi Doug, we have a 1969 Ramada that we have been camping in for over 25 years. Until I came across this site, I thought that we had about the only one left. (While I did see one 10 years ago in Mass., you never see them in campgrounds these days)"

06/02/02 "Hello - Well I bought a 74 Apache at a garage sale for $200.00. The canvas was in really rough shape but I had a way to make it useable again. I sewed it by hand with a special tool i found at a garage sale also. Went to a place where they redo furniture and got some string like thread that had a wax on it and started the job .Didn't take long a few hours but the best thing is we have used the camper now for 3 years .The side walls are great the  one bedside leaks a little bit but really it is all in the fun of camping. Well I couldn't pass the deal up and it was the best $200.00 I have ever spent. The inside of the camper was all in like brand-new shape, there is no elect., cold water sink only ,stove works great. Well hope all enjoys their Apache pop-up. They are great things to come about in my book -  will find and buy a bigger one soon. thanks -Tina"

06/02/02 "As owners since 1978 we have had a very long and wonderful relationship with our 1977 Apache Cimarron. We are writing you to let you know we have just sold it after listing it on your website... The sale does come with a story. We have had 28 serious inquiries and they are still coming. We live in the Fort Lauderdale area and a fellow  e mailed me from the Richmond, VA area, made an offer over the phone sight unseen but I had other parties interested who did not have a problem with my asking price so I graciously turned down the offer. We hoped it would go to a family who would enjoy it as much as we did. The fellow's wife called me later that same evening and said it was really for her and they really wanted it. He is in the military and has three (3) children. It was Memorial Day last week end (Memorial Day week end-May 24-27, 2002) and we were getting ready to go to Chicago to visit family and to celebrate special birthdays. When we got home - got an e mail and a deal was made. The fellow drove from Richmond, VA right to our home in Fort Lauderdale, FL -arrived at almost the exact time he said. My wife was delighted it was going to a family that would enjoy it. It appeared he was thrilled with the condition and appearance along with all the original equipment, papers etc. and we gave him a quick lesson on "popping" it up. He said they would be camping in it the following week end as it was ready to go. We are as much delighted to see it go to a family who will enjoy it as much as we did   over the 25 years as much as we are sad to see it leave our home from being around so many years. Thank you for all your help. Happy Camping!" Richard & Judy

06/04/02 "Just purchased a 1969 Apache.  I'm not sure of the make.  But let me tell you, it is in absolutely perfect condition.  Meticulously maintained. Not a single rip on the original canvas.  The interior is all original and beautiful.   I bought it from a second owner who wanted me to enjoy and take care of it.  Which I intend on doing!!!  Just found your website and I am enjoying that too."

06/07/02 "...I love my Apache..."

06/17/02 "Wow!  What a neat website! My son just found this and sent me the link, so far this evening my wife and I have been clicking one topic and then the next in rapid succession.  You've done a nice job of organizing the site and providing a nice venue for us Apache owners to share our trailer love affair with others.  I had no idea there was such a following, this virtual museum is just great! Briefly, my story is that in 1958 we drove to the railroad station in Benton Harbor, Michigan to pick up our crated trailer.  With a few hand tools we uncrated the trailer, assembled it on the loading dock and hitched it up to our car for the journey home.  The trailer (JC Higgins Apache) was ordered through Sears & Roebuck and cost about $400. Since then that little trailer traveled over most of the western U.S. during the tent trailer camping heyday of the 60's.  I inherited the trailer and used it with my own family to further our camping experiences which then included states east of the Mississippi, the farthest being Conn. Eventually it became the equipment trailer for our Boy Scout troop as the compartments easily housed packs and other gear.  A homemade rack bolted to the corner frame of the trailer supported three aluminum canoes for trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Northern Minnesota.  The trailer moved with us to Wichita, Kansas where we now live.  It hasn't been used in about 15 years but has remained stored in our garage protected from the elements.  We always thought it might someday be donated to the Smithsonian!  But we can't bear to part with it and the potential for further use remains... All for now, we enjoyed the website"   Paul & Vi - Derby, Kansas

06/19/02 "Hi Doug, Please remove my ad for the 1972 Mesa, posted in early April.  I regret to inform you that I sold it today.  It was very hard to watch it go down the road and out of my life. However, the guy that bought has 2 children (8 & 14) and I know that they will enjoy it as much as I have. Cheers, Mike"

06/20/02 "What a great site!!  I bought a '68 Ramada late last summer, and like many others, thought maybe I had the last one around.  All I knew was '68 Apache from the title until I found this site- and it had a color brochure in the history section of MY EXACT CAMPER! The wonders of the internet, indeed!  I just spent the last 90 minutes checking the whole site out.  I had no idea Apaches had such a following...   I wasn't really looking for a camper at all, but it was so cheap I couldn't pass it up.  And it's huge!  Set up, it is almost 20 feet long.  It appears I got a great deal as well.  It was $400, and is in very solid and usable shape as it sits. The body is not dented at all, the floor seems solid, the original seat cushions are good, and it seems to be water tight so far.  The tent is made of a fairly thick upholstery-type vinyl with a cloth backing, not canvas. Is this original?  It works great, since you can touch it without it wicking water through.  The top-raising mechanism is a little creaky, but works reliably so far- this was my greatest concern in buying the thing.  It came with a new dorm refrigerator, an air conditioner, a 10x10 screened room, and a futon mattress, which works GREAT when used in top of the standard foam mattress!  I am doing a minor restoration of the camper, including new paint and tires, new tail and side lights, upgrading the electrical and gas systems, a bike rack, and a number of little details.  Sorry to the purists, but the metallic gold sides and raw aluminum ends have got to go- it will be all white. I'll be back to this site many times- thanks for your efforts.  List me in the register, please!  Chris, Raleigh, North Carolina"

06/25/02 "I was born & raised in Lapeer, Michigan so naturally when it come time for my Dad to buy a camper, he bought an Apache. The first time I saw it was when I went with my Dad in his "66" Ford station wagon. The camper (a 64 model) was bought from a friend for $50.00. It was a sight, the canvas was laying on the ground (obviously for a long time) it was torn & wet. The frame was in good shape though. My Dad took it to a canvas repair shop on Imlay City Road. It came back a week later in a lot better shape than it was the previous month. We used that old camper for two years. One day my Dad came home with a new 1968 Mesa, which we used for three years.  During those years we traveled around the U.S. camping in an Apache Camper, & have many fond memories of camping trips thanks to Apache Campers. The most memorable were camping at Sutter's Recreation Area (near North Branch, Mi.) As we got older my friend & I would ask my Dad to pull the camper up there so we could camp "on our own." I moved away from Michigan many years ago but we vacation in Michigan quite often & we plan to attend the Apache Roundup this year."

07/02/02 " Hello, Please add me to your registry of Loyal Apache Owners.  State= Virginia City = Springfield  Name= Bill, Debbie & Chris Garthune Model = 1968 Apache Ramada Length of Ownership = Purchased by parents in 1971, for family camping adventures. ( Ten yrs of mountain and beach trips.), There is nothing like spending a week with your children, without the distractions of today's modern lifestyle. ( That's from my Dad thirty years ago), At the time I thought he was crazy to go camping on a beach in June, July and August. All my friends stayed in high rise Hotels with A/C, and could watch TV, swim in Indoor pools and eat at the local restaurants. I knew my parents could afford to do the same. In 1996 I began the same camping adventures with my family, (Oh yea, fifteen yrs of storage, and it still had that familiar Apache Smell.) And they also did not understand why I wanted to go camping rather than use the Condo's of today, with all the features so we to  would not have to leave the indoors to have a good time. Many of my friends I grew up with have accomplished more in their adult years as far as wealth and possessions, than I. Many have made and spent more in a year than I will make in a lifetime. But most have used drugs, had affairs, multi-marriages, spent millions, filed for bankruptcy, then acquire millions again, and cannot find happiness, I hope my children will love and admire the things in life that are not all flash and glitter, but have value and substance, Today is the me, me, me times, I hope my children will see the us, us, us times as well. Sorry for the long attachment, Yes my wife still likes the vacation were she does not do dinners, I prefer to sleep in, and not do breakfast, the kids do get to watch tv in the evening at the campsite.( When available,) And we go to Disney World, every other year. but we( when camping) also eat as a family, say prayer, play Bingo, checkers, and tic,tac, toe. That we never have time for at home, and yes I love those shiny new pop-ups, but I figure my son will just have to use the apache for his trips because how many other company pop-ups from thirty years ago are still being used on a regular basis, not many and today's units will not be around 15 years due to the use of inferior materials. Long Live my Apache Dreams."

08/03/02 "Doug, Thank  you for all the work you've done over the years with the website. It has been an invaluable resource for me and countless others as they get their Apaches back into shape.  Not to mention the fact that your website spreads the word & lets the world know about the engineering marvel that was the Apache..."

08/19/02 "Your site is great! I love my camper and so does everyone who sees it."

08/21/02 "Hello Doug, Saw the article in the Flint Journal (8/18/02) about Apaches and decided we better register our trailer. It is a 1964 Silver Eagle, purchase from Premier Camping Center in Portage Michigan by my father, Paul Allen.  I believe the cost was $650.  It is in very good shape, but figured I'd never be able to get parts for it, until I saw the article and now, your website.  We hauled it out to the Black Hills of South Dakota in June of this year, and had a great time.  It has been all over the United States.  It's probably had 20 sets of tires!!!"

08/21/02 "Hi,  we have a '73 Apache Mesa and use it every year for hunting and fishing. We love it"

08/23/02 " Hi Doug  - Thanks for the cool website. I have a 1967 Apache -  (Eagle, by the looks of the pictures on the site). It's kind of a faded silver blue color. My parents bought it new in Denver when I was only 3 years old. The canvas is still nearly perfect, and we use the camper each summer a couple of times. My Dad built some neat storage benches inside. I'm planning on restoring it - the plywood floor could use replacing, and there are some dings in the aluminum and some metal braces that could use replacing. I'd also like to get some cool new wheels on it and paint the whole thing."

08/26/02 "...I own a '69 Apache Ramada (kids and I love it and use it every month)..."

08/29/02 "...When we first got the Apache I wanted to send it back (it was pretty bad) but it's really starting to grow on me...also I really like the idea of the hard sides. Thanks so much for your help!!"

08/30/02 "Doug: Earlier this summer my husband and I were given a 1958 model Apache tent trailer in excellent condition.  I am really glad to find someone else who has even heard of things like this!  We have used it twice with our 3 kids and I think that we are starting a new era of family vacations.  I am actually relieved to find someone else in the country with similar stuff - we tend to think we are doing a historical reenactment when we are camping, especially looking around at everyone else's stuff.  We are very happy with it, nonetheless.  Thank you."

09/16/02 "Well I finally got my Ramada out & used it.  We love it!  We're going again this weekend...  Your website efforts not only gave us the lead in finding it, it influenced our decision on a brand.  If it weren't for you I'd be smelling old canvas when I camp and looking for leaks.  Thanks a lot!!!"

09/16/02 "Our Apache is a 1966 Raven and we love it. Bought it at a garage sale and we have been slowly restoring it. Now that our kids are older, we are planning more trips..."

09/20/02 "...Thanks again for a great site.  I started reading just to learn about the War Eagle, fell in love with the whole Apache idea, decided that a solid state would work better for us, and now have one.  It is in pretty
good shape, and will be like new by spring.  All of this wouldn't have happened without your great site.  Thank you so very much."

09/20/02 "Just ran across your website and find it very interesting and informative.  I bought my 73 Mesa brand new at Sportsman Marine in Chesterfield, VA. and the family used it a lot in the 70's.  We haven't used it lately because a few things need repair and I've been dragging my feet.  I'm encouraged to find repair information and links to parts that I didn't know existed.  I've resisted selling it over the years as well as the 1966 Ford Galaxie I used to pull it.  Both are in fairly good shape, just need some tinder loving care.  After reading good comments from other Apache owners, I starting to get the fever again."

09/22/02 "Hello Doug, First, thanks for this website.  Because of your efforts I was able to find my Apache in it's "For Sale" section,  I've just purchased a 1977 Apache Mesa in very good condition.  My husband and I drove 10 hours (each way)  from Massachusetts to Beaver Falls, PA to pick it up. In the website's "For Sale" section the former owner had listed it as a 1976 but I knew it was a 1977 because of it's stunning lime green color. The "Brady Bunch" fabric for the dinette inside the trailer is in wonderful condition, the only things I plan to change inside are the curtains, mattress covers (bad remodel effort) and the 1970's floor (hey, with all the wood look "lock in place flooring" around we no longer have to suffer!).  Outside there is a small hole in a outside front panel, a 3 inch or so chip missing from the bottom of one of the ABS panels, a couple of hairline cracks and a "V" shaped chip out of the top of another,  but these should be easy to repair and we believe we will be able to blend them in with much sanding and painting.  The former owner had warned us that the unit was "noisy" when you crank it up, but after working with the unit we believe it just needs a cleaning and a lube job to make it almost new.  What luck!  A unit that doesn't need a ton of work before it's ready for a camping trip!  All my relatives think their new cloth covered popup's are the Cat's meow, I believe that once they see my Apache in action they will be wishing they were the owners of a solid state like me!..."

09/27/02 "My wife and I own a 1976 Apache Royal that we purchased from H&G  Trailer sales in 1976 we have used it every year since. Still in very good shape..."

10/11/02 "Doug,  I recently found the Apache website and I love it. My parents purchased a 1962 Apache Raven in 1962 or 1963 and our family camped all over the U. S., Canada, and Mexico for the next several decades. I inherited the Raven several years ago and now my wife and kids camp several times a year in it. The camper is in excellent shape because of the care my father and mother took with it. Everything is still original including the canvas. At the campgrounds people frequently stop and talk to us about the old camper and their memories of camping in their Apache camper..."

10/15/02 "On your web site I saw welcome home. When I was growing up my dad had an Apache pop-up. I loved it , & now I have one & my kids will love the time we will spend camping. My pop up is a 1975.  I
got my Apache from an older man, he told me all the fun he had in it. I told him thank you dad."

10/22/02 "Thanks for the site Doug. I've had my 74 Ramada (green) since 86 and have had great times with it.
Its showing signs of a little wear now But its still a keeper as any Apache owner knows..."

10/25/02 "Hi, we just recently acquired a 1964 Apache Silver Eagle. We drove 10 hours from NJ to Ontario to get it. (well worth it)..."

11/10/02 " Hi Doug, Just want to register with the website. We are looking forward to visiting with, and posting questions to other Apache owners. Hopefully some will be in our area. We are new to camping, and our '79 Apache Ramada is our first camper ever. We recently went to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days, the campground we set up in was full of fancy trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes. When we set up people watched and commented about how "neat" and "cool" the Apache is. We were quite proud and look forward to some great times. Thank you for a terrific website, full of wonderful information."

11/26/02 "Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it. Thanks again and I am totally in love with my apache. Its the neatest thing I have ever seen. I have had neighbors drive by and stop and ask me what is that thing LOL. Then I tell them the story of my three hundred dollar treasure. Thanks again."

12/10/02 "Doug, Hello again You and your site have helped me to restore a fallen Ramada, When I talked to you last I had just got my Ramada, about 5 months ago since then I have replaced the chains, maintained the gear boxes, replaced the wood in both bed ends, painted counters weather proofed all wood, replaced the tires, and have the majority of a folding shower under the front bench installed, added new lights, a porta potty. (whew) All this is from your emails and your website, thank you thank you thank you!!..."

01/10/03 "Thankyou! I just discovered Apachepopups.com. I got inspired to look for Apache Mesa info after watching Huell Howser talking about antique trailers on television. I was so surprised to find that I'm not the only person that thinks an Apache Mesa just might be some kind of classic. Louis, Bakersfield, CA"

01/20/03 "Hi Doug, We acquired our 1973 MESA last summer. After forty years of camping, many tents, four trailers, this is our first pop-up. I was impressed with the design, and it's been quite friendly with all five of us. We're thinking of doing our 1100 mile run to Myrtle Beach with it at Easter. I got in touch with Ole Elmer for hinges, otherwise all is in ok condition....Thanks for a wonderful site!" André - Québec, Canada


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